Wednesday, November 17, 2010

paid it forward

Twelve months ago today I decided to join in with ‘pay it forward’.

A couple of months back I gifted my dearest friend Moa her surprise, which left two more surprises to send on their merry way. Earlier in the month I sent these packages.

One covered moleskin notebook to Lyn in Adelaide (it should have got there by now – I hope she hasn’t moved!). I hope she like dandelions. I hope she can tell that it is an embroidered dandelion!

notebook to Adelaideinsider notebook to Adelaide

… and another covered moleskin notebook for Jes in Canada (who knows how long it will take to get there but it must be close by now). I was inspired by Jes’s jewellery for the embroidered motif on the front.

notebook cover to Canada inside notebook to Canada

I hope they both like them. I hope they both get them… perhaps I should have checked with them that their addresses were unchanged – but I wanted these little packages to come as a complete surprise.  So at my end it is fingers crossed they get them and fingers crossed they like them.


  1. How lovely Sal! I'm sure that they're going to get a wonderful suprise when they finally arrive.

  2. your embroideries are beautiful. The dandelion is awesome. & your stitching in the centre of the jewel is just perfect. Wow!

  3. Oh yes they will love them, so beautiful!

  4. oh dear. and mine is running late. how unsurprising, me running late.. sorry!! i would like to blame reports but there have been 10 other months this year in which reports have not featured so i will just have to blame myself. it is coming, i promise. it's even half done!

  5. Lovely embroidery Sal - nothing better than a complete surprise in the mail - good on you.


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