Friday, November 19, 2010

perfect weather for…

finishing my scarf.

grey scarf

After all it is currently 37.8° here, forecast to reach 39°. What better weather to finish weaving in the last end?

grey scarf end 

… maybe it would be better if the temperatures weren’t measured in Celsius!


  1. Ah, well, all set to go for when that cooler weather comes back in about 5 months... :)

  2. Il love your scarf...and it's nice to be prepared! xo

  3. love the scarf sally, and you know what , if you were in melbourne it would have been just the ticket here this week. someone seems to have hijacked summer

  4. Fancy donating that bit of woolly lovely to a good cause? Frigid. Positively frigid. Course it'll be 37.8 degrees next week...

  5. Lovely. Such a beautiful colour!
    I'm sure it will be well worn come cooler weather.

  6. Bet you're glad you've finished it Sally! Even as lovely as it looks! We've been having better weather than you by the sounds of it.
    Saying temps in F make them sound even hotter though. I have a friend in the States and it always sounds so much hotter when she tells me her temps! :)) x

    p.s. loving all your brown things! That was all I wore when I was a younger thing, then decided I hated it as I got older, and now I'm moving back into it! Weird hey!?
    Your notebook covers are gorgeous Sally! You do such lovely neat work! x

  7. gorgeous colour, Sally, And such lovely crochet stitches.

    Ironically I made it all the way through winter without catching a cold and now, just when the hot weather sets in I've been sick all week. Fever + hot weather = horrible!

  8. It has been a tad warm over your way hasn't it!!

    PS word verification was quacks I think that says it all :-)


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