Friday, November 26, 2010



I’m loving silver… although most in the collage about is actually stainless steel (and why may I ask do they call it stainless when every little finger print shows???). When I was a young girl I preferred gold but as I’ve got older I prefer silver and white gold much more.

Featuring this week is my collection of fifty cent coins – I just can’t bring myself to spend them if they have a pretty picture on them, my grater that is very much worse for wear – no handle and rather bent out of shape in places, a lock and key I acquired in India many many moons ago, my new down light in the living room, the necklace my partner gifted me to celebrate the completion of my graduate certificate in community development, some silver thread that I have had for sometime but not yet used, the ever so useful clip on the fridge, the cigarette rolling machine that my partner gifted to me when we first started going out (how romantic? … NOT – and yet still it is very treasured despite not smoking anymore) and the light next to my sewing machine that guides me into the wee hours of the morning.

you look like gold to me

This week’s feature shot is again stainless steel rather than silver, but is all silver-y and shiny. This shot was again taken as part of my 365 project as I sort for something inspiration on a day when I was trapped indoors with two small children on a cold and miserable winter’s day. It has since become one of my favourite shots of the year:


You’ll find lots of shiny silver-y bits and bobs here.


  1. Sally,

    I love your collection of silver,even the paper holder. I found that silver items were mostly useful.
    David has a heart of gold to get your gift engraved with those special words.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I like what you shared. The two bottom photos are great.

  3. Another lovely collection of photos. Great silver. We have some great 50 cent coins. Definitely worth collecting.

  4. Your photos are nice. Engraved gift was sweet. Liked the post about the light on sewing machine. I often get up in wee hours of night to sew when I can't sleep. Thank you. Love Lois

  5. I'm a silver girl for sure!! Love Posie

  6. Hey Sally, great silver post!
    Love the precious box.


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