Sunday, November 14, 2010

softie for mirabel

hello maisie

Here she is. All finished now. My little softie contribution who is to be named by her new BFF. I am very pleased with how she has come together… even the wonky right ear some how is ‘right’ (although I have no idea why it is wonky and the other isn’t … they’re absolutely the same. I checked the stitching, the snipping, the stuffing… all exactly the same so I have taken it as a meant to be – the character and life of this sweet little being!)

maisie sweet face

I really enjoyed this making process. The pattern is from one of these marvellous books. Perhaps the most difficult part was choosing the fabrics at the beginning, but once I had committed to that it was all go. I loved too my son sitting by my side asking me who this softie was for. I enjoyed telling him about the importance of caring for others and how we can do things for people that we haven’t necessarily met. I enjoyed his enthusiasm about giving to others. I enjoyed sewing on the ric-rac. I enjoyed stitching the sweet little face… and I enjoyed stitching up that final seam after she’d been all stuffed.


Tomorrow her adventure will start. A journey across the continent to meet other softies and then in time her BFF. Good luck my little ray of sunshine.


  1. She's utterly gorgeous Sally, some lucky kid is going to loooove her xo

  2. She is very cute! i enjoyed the same thing with my little boy who wanted to know all about the little girl who would recieve the doll from Mirabel. He even sewed a couple of bits of fabric together and a button to make something for her too!

  3. she is fabulous, well done on getting her all finished! time to move on to birthday and christmas preparations now hey

  4. I love her, she will definitely make someone a very happy and very lucky little person. xo


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