Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thinking of you :: indira @ saucy onion


Hanging in baskets from the small patio that provides shelter at our laundry door are nasturtiums. I was inspired to grow them by Indira @ Saucy Onion. At the beginning of the year she wrote a fascinating post about the benefits of nasturtiums. I had always been a bit apprehensive about growing nasturtiums fearing that they’d overtake the garden – hanging baskets has been an ideal solution.


Nasturtiums are quite the impressive plant: a flavoursome snack food, multi-vitamin and pest repellent all in the one gorgeous package.

little nasturtiums

I nearly always think of Indira when I see them or have a go at snacking on them. If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t find myself munching on their leaves as I watered the garden on a summer’s morning… and like Indira just looking at them makes me happy.

Thank you Indira.


  1. Hmmm - what a good idea. Might try hanging baskets too. Nic

  2. I had no idea the humble nasturtium was so multi-talented. My parents had lots of them in the garden when I was growing up and I suppose I never paid them much attention, though my Grandmother would use the flowers in salads.


  3. I don’t mind a bit of renegade nasturtium, myself. Especially now that I know I can snack on the leaves...

  4. When I was little I always used to pick these and drink the nectar from them, so much fun. Happy memories. xo

  5. We love Nasturtiums here...unfortunatley my boys are fiends for them and I can't seem to grow them for long. They rip all the leaves off before we get any flowers and my goodness should we ever get seeds I would plant a million. I thought hanging baskets was a great idea until the boys started climbing the porch railings. Lucky for me Nan always has some in her garden so I am forever trying to get a pot growing here!! Fabulous in salads!!


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