Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thinking of you :: lara @ create for life

On a hot Perth day I often think of Lara. She isn’t too fond of the extreme heat and so as I enjoy lazing about  sweltering I often think of her and hope that she isn’t suffering too much. I’ve “met” lots of people from all around the world through my blogging adventures but not so many that live geographically near by – close enough to be experiencing similar weather. The heat today is nothing like last Wednesday – we haven’t even cracked 30°C, but it is a tiny bit humid and so hopefully we’ll get some much needed rain this afternoon – so I am imagining that she is alright.

sweet doll

Look at this sweet doll that Lara sent me. So absolutely adorable. Lara made her as part of Carolyn’s sewing challenge. It is so wonderful to have a ‘buddy’ doing most of the sewing challenges… and at the end of every month I look forward to seeing what she has created. Lara’s refashioned items are so super duper clever!

Isn’t this Kokeshi doll just the cutest?

sweet expression

Such an angelic expression.

french knots

And stunningly crafted French knots!


with friends

This sweet doll, who is yet to be named, has made friends with Victor and sits on the window sill by my side as I sew. So now I will think of Lara on the colder days too!

Thank you Lara.


  1. Oh just love that, i'm waiting on Kristen Doran's new Kokeshi dolls, yipppee, all so gorgeous this year in the Japanese doll department!! Love Posie

  2. Thank YOU Sally - I feel quite overwhelmed with your kind words and thoughts xxx

  3. the colours are so well chosen and her stitching is so so neat. what a lovely reminder of such a lovely friend

  4. She is so sweet and the colours and stitching are beautiful. How lovely to have made such a lovely new friend. xo


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