Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thinking of you :: vic @ punky & me

I’m sitting here with the tele on – THE race should start soon. It runs at midday in my part of the world… and my thoughts are dominated by Vic @ Punky & Me. Is she or isn’t she having the baby???

Thinking of you Vic! Good luck!!!


  1. I had a baby on Melbourne Cup day 23 years ago. I was the full 2 weeks over and told to come but I had had a sort of gush of some outer pink liquid and so went to hospital early that day only to be told that my waters had not broken. However, they kept me in for observation but didn't offer hm hubby any food. At about 1:30 he went down to get himself some goodies from Lygon St. Guess what. I was hit by this ginormous pain at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon. I didn't know how to sit, stand lean, lie or anything. Totally lost in my pain with not one nurse or patient around to advice what was happening. They were all in the next room watching THE race. I'll never forget that first Tuesday in November even though I don't follow the races or even do birthdays. Cherrie

  2. Oh dear, i don't get into MLB cup hype, i was at the dentist!! But the girl before me had picked the trifecta, her mother was thrilled, it was going to pay for her braces!! Love Posie

  3. Snap! I was thinking about Vic too!


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