Monday, November 22, 2010

washing day

Monday is washing day at my place. Don’t get me wrong there will the need to do a load or two of washing through the week, but mostly I save it up for Mondays.

the granny basket

In an attempt to make doing the washing just a little bit more exciting I hooked up this granny square basket using Jute. I used a large hook, which was good because the jute could at times be rather difficult to work with so the large hook meant that I made quicker progress through the project.

the granny basket up close

As I hooked my mind was full of possibilities using jute… but I think they might need to wait until next year. I love the rustic look the jute creates, the natural colouring and the earthy vibe.

in use 

Doing the washing today has been that little bit more fun with this basket’s presence… a little bit more fun!


  1. It definitely looks like it would make washing easier on the eye!! I wash and wash and wash and then I wash some more. When it rains I spend all my time worrying about how much I am using my dryer. When it's sunny I spend all my time hanging out clothes and taking them in... a jute bag would help, a little bit!! x

  2. Yep Monday is washing day, Tuesday is Yoga.....

    I love that Jute granny you made, may just have to do one for my horrible plastic bucket :-)

    I did a sisal basket once and wrecked the joint of my little finger for weeks, it was so tough to work with. Looked great but tough going!

  3. oh very nice jute basket. Love it. Well done clever clogs!

  4. It's gorgeous, and I"m sure added a little magic to washing day.
    Yeah Monday's cleaning day at my house ( and I hand washed 3 items of clothing- I always feel very noble after hand washing, because I hate it soo much xo

  5. Wow. Love the idea of having something as special as this for the laundry. That would definitely make me smile whilst I was loading the washing machine.

  6. Hello Sally,

    Love your jute box cover. Did you put some stiffener on it or does it just fit so well you clever clogs.
    Happy days.

  7. Oh wow you are a clever chook;) I love the jute washing basket and a swoosh basket it is. It would definitely make the washing look prettier that's for sure. xo

  8. Very nice! I love that center photo where the light is shining through all those lovely stitches.


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