Monday, December 27, 2010

are you suffering p.f.c.f?

…post-festive creative fatigue that is!

I am.  Enjoying laying around big time and all creative mojo has abandoned me at this time. Not to worry. Larissa is offering a creative kick-start giveaway… head on over to enter and help get your creative mojo back for the new year!


  1. no sal, I am not actually- I suffered pre festive creative block and did minimal handmade gifts this year. but I am roaring along with a rag rug at the moment!

  2. Yes! i am ...i was wondering what was wrong with me...must be it!

  3. mine left a while ago as my sewing room is currently a guest room... so i cannot get in there... but some ideas are stirring.

  4. nah, it hasn't hit yet. Not that I am doing much but I am thinking up more for next year & doing little bits now.

    Enjoy the break! You did a great job on your gifts!

  5. Yep. But I think it's all part of an overwhelming general, garden-variety fatigue that comes with the end of the year.... (Although I just picked up a crochet hook to see what happens...).


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