Friday, December 31, 2010

a granny a day 2010 :: the final count




The Swannies scarf :: 45 squaresfooty scarf 

The 10² rainbow blanket :: 100 squares10² blanket


Granny bunting :: 85 trianglesbunting 

Granny pram blankie :: 1 squarea pram blanket 

Nth Melb. granny mini-scarf that became a granny dashboard cover :: 1 rectangle the mini scarf that became a dashboard cover

Granny baubles :: 12 baublesgranny baubles


Granny stars :: 15 stars granny stars

E’s granny blanket (in progress) :: 112 squares E's blanket almost finished


The final total :: 371 grannies


  1. I am jaw-on-the-floor, stopped-in-my-tracks impressed. I still haven't finished weaving in the ends of ONE granny blanket. Maybe I never will. BUT LOOK AT YOU GO!

  2. You are MY HERO! Wow! Go YOU! This is LOVELY crochet! You are a crochet QUEEN!!! Congratulations on being so GREAT!!!!

  3. WOW that is some serious crochet action!

    Especially love the bunting (and a teeny bit jealous about the pool right now!)

  4. Awesome work! Might have to take up knitting next year!

  5. WOW!! You're amazing Sally.
    Love how you used them for soo many things, all utterly gorgeous.
    But I have to say my fave is that super Swannies scarf!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!

  6. OMG!!!! I cant even crochet one granny square and you've managed 371.
    Truly amazing Sal!

  7. Very impressive!! I wonder how many others who joined in a granny a day achieved such a feat? Few, I'm guessing (or maybe thats just to make myself feel better about only making it to the 90's.) Ahh well, typical form of me so not surprising!

  8. Oh wow, what an awesome effort! Great great job Sal!
    I didn't do it! Lost momentum early on. You did fabulous! Far out, I'm gobsmaked by it all. I really love the colours of your bunting. Love it.

  9. Woo Hoo! Well done :-) I think if I count all my mini grannies and all the xmas stars I will be at about 300, I forgot to count as I went along!

  10. GADZOOKS woman, you are stupendous, what an achievement ... Hip, Hip, Hooray Sal ;))
    I'm flummoxed, impressed ... and a little green that you mastered such a massive challenge, Yayyyyyy ;)) No if I can do similar in 2011 then IOU. Happy New Year to YOU and Your Darlings. xo.

  11. Great effort! Love that rainbow blanket, it's gorgeous!

  12. I love the bunting triangles!

  13. wow. your granny love is so amazing. i love the rainbow blanket and the bunting and the stars and e's blanket, well heck i love it all really. you are a hooking superstar


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