Thursday, December 23, 2010

it’s all about the season here

More gifts finished and wrapped up yesterday.

Some softies…


… and PJ sets made from baby wraps and sheets.

PJs from sheetspjs from sheets toobaby wrap PJs

I made my first attempt at thread sketching with this last one… it is pretty awful… I need a lot of practice that’s for sure. I’m hoping that the two year old will find it whimsical. Quite of few of my friends children are getting PJ sets made from refashioned opt sheets. I wonder what they’ll think of it?

And on visiting the big ol’ man in red we got a Santa shot after all. The boy had been talking about going back to see Santa from the time we walked in the door returning from our abandoned at the eleventh hour trip on Monday. Yesterday morning he was pestering me to take him again but I must say I wasn’t keen… one stint of lining up for ages to not go near the big guy a year is enough for me… so looking the boy and girl up and down in their ratty and very stained play clothes I said that I wasn’t paying $30 for a photo of them looking like that and then went on my way to do the breakie dishes and have a shower. I was very surprised to find them changed into some “nice”* clothes when I came back to check on them and so caved into the Christmas spirit and resigned myself to lining up again…

with Santa 20100001

… in the first instance the boy wanted to stand to the left of Santa’s oversized chair but the photographer couldn’t get him in shot. Determined to get a photo the boy sucked it up and moved a little closer… see how tightly he and his sister are holding hands. They look very relaxed and at ease don’t they? – NOT!  Whilst the experience itself seemed to be likened to that of taking bad medicine they were both overjoyed by seeing the big red man as soon as we’d left his presence. I am yet to work out what was going on in the boy’s head to have such a change of heart. Very intriguing indeedy.


  1. While I think he looked much more handsome in his first round you know - still looking very cute all the same. Took Caleb till 4 to get down with santa.
    love all your sewing too!

  2. your softies look terrific. I love the wee one you have embroidered!

    Wouldn't it be nice to know what goes through a kids head at times. lol Glad you got your shot, even if they aren't quite so comfortable with Santa. It will be a memorable pic in years to come when they bicker & fight all the time. lol You can tell them they loved each other once! The tight hands are so cute!

  3. Hahah oh I love that they went and got changed by themselves into 'good clothes'. What excellent choices of good clothes they made too! Very cute.
    E sounds like a very determined young man, how very brave to have a photo with someone you are a bit scared of.

    I do love the pyjammies as well, the love heart ones are especially very cute! You're almost there, bet you'll be glad for a good sleep come the 26th :)

  4. I had such a good (Santa) belly laugh about the visit to Santa and shared both sets of photos and the experience with Craig too! We loved it! Thanks for everything this year Sal x

  5. Oh you must love this shot with your photography prowess & all, what is with the composition & how on earth is all that red a good backdrop of little girls in pretty pink dresses?? You'll keep this for their 21st, the year your son saved your daughter from Santa. Santa looks like he's trying hard, we have some nice shots of our 4 children but horror ones of Santa looking like he's asleep/ disinterested/ ready to kill. Love Posie

  6. your little Mr is a wise one, that santa just looks too YOUNG!

  7. That Santa shot is priceless!
    Thanks for all of your wonderful encouragement and inspiration this year Sally.
    Happy Holidays to you.

  8. they changed themselves? So impressive :) I am glad he faced his fears, but I agree that Santa is a bit scary, although he was very generous this year :)

  9. Merry Christmas to you and yours Sal, I hope it's a safe and festive time for you all. That is truly a pic to treasure, for their 21st's! They look so uncomfortable, but well done to your little man for doing it.


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