Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry merry times

Another Christmas day has passed and the end of the year draws near.  Merry merry times indeedy.

In the days leading up to the big day the children cleared out old toys and took them to the Salvos.

making room

On Chrissy eve we met up with friends at a local pool and had much fun splashing, frolicking and opening pressies.  In the evening we ventured out to see the lights… wow some people go to a lot of trouble. It must cost a fortune to acquire so many lights in the first place and then to run them. I’m still a bit humbug relating to the reckless use of resources – but the children are enchanted by them so that is sweet I suppose.

Christmas morning there were lots of gorgeous presents under the tree… and one especially hand delivered to me front and centre…

under the tree 

… and the sunflowers started to bloom.

sunflowers bloom

It was always going to be a lovely day.  We started the day opening some pressies and then took some time out to eat cherries and croissants for breakfast. Yummo!


Then it was back to the tree to open some more goodies before heading poolside for some serious splashing around with some of our new toys and floaties.

Lunch was delicious as always … but the menu was a bit challenged this year as we still haven’t done anything about our broken oven (a final decision to be made in 2011). On the menu was apple and Swiss cheese tarts made using our old pie maker (which had to be dug out of the far reaches of the corner cupboard – phew it still worked), rocket, pear and parmesan salad and pesto fettuccini.

apple and swiss cheese piespear, parmesan and rocket salad pesto pasta

I finally bought myself a pitcher this week and we filled it with non-alcoholic cider – something special for all to enjoy. We lit candles on the table too – just because.


We cracked the bon bons, wore our silly hats and told the not-so-funny jokes… and then three mouthfuls into our lovely meal Ms. M went white and then vomited all over the table! Argh parenthood hey?  We cleaned up, freshened up and then were able to continue enjoying our meal.

the mess 

The children spent the afternoon playing with new toys, Dave cleaned up a bit and I napped for a while before we all headed off to the beach for more fun.

at the beach 

I think this is my favourite family shot of the day. All action!

building sand castles

… and this is the sand castle that I made while the water babies continued to splash. It didn’t survive much longer after this photo was taken - the boy had a marvellous time razing it to the ground. All good fun. We stayed at the beach into the early evening – E running up to people as they walked on the beach to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Ms. M wouldn’t let us forget the lolly pops that we’d been denying her for days – for her a special occasion just isn’t special without lots of lollies.

lots of lollies

Dinner was leftovers and a garden salad sitting outside in the cool of the evening. An easy meal with an even easier clean up solution… aka the garden hose!

left overs

… and yep then it was more swimming. This time under the stars.

swimming under the stars

We were all very exhausted at the end of the day. Totally, absolutely, ever fibre of our body exhausted – signs of uber merry merry times indeedy.

I’d like to make special thanks to two awesome bloggy friends. Firstly to Mandy who sent my precious children the most beautifully made blocks, and some fat quarters for me too! YAY!

goodies from tassie 

Wrapped in gorgeous fabric (that I quickly hid from E who has a fetish for cutting up material into tiny pieces), there were loud exclamations of WOW as the gifts were opened. Both children absolutely adored the blocks and were fascinated by how they can be used to build lots of different pictures. Such enchanting gifts – so beautiful. I am so blessed to have such a lovely friend. Thank you Mandy.

Secondly I need to thank Megan who surprised me with a hand delivered “pay it forward” Chrissy gift on Christmas eve. Oh my… what she must think of me! The boys had been out fruit and veg shopping Friday afternoon and I’d stayed home to ‘do jobs’, but had actually seized the opportunity for a granny nap. On hearing the car pull into the driveway I quickly got up and rushed out the door – a guise to hide my slothfulness – only wiping the drool from my face before I greeted them. It was at this time I noticed a woman crossing the road and approaching us – I was thinking who is this person??? They’ve got the wrong address… but there was hope that the gift they were holding was for me… and it was!!! It was Megan! How funny. There I was in my tent dress – very comfy but only a step up from a caftan really, with the most awful bed-hair and no doubt a sheet pattern pressed into my cheek meeting my dear bloggy friend for the first time! What a sight I must have made … and all the time there was panic building within that the bikini bottom that I was wearing and which I could now feel had become untied on one side was going to fall off there and then. Thankfully it didn’t … but oh my what an impression that would have made if it had!  I’ve gotta say it was a wonderful Christmas eve surprise and had me all abuzz for the rest of the day. As for that beautifully wrapped package that took the prime position of front and centre under our tree…

pay it forward

…oh my how stunning. How perfect! How totally thoughtful and appropriate. I love grey, my creative space is the grey room and kangaroo paw are one of my all time favourite flowers! PERFECT! It will be hung today – on the door to my creative wonderland. Thank you Megan. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful it is… and it was my favourite present of the day by miles – thousands of miles even (I won’t talk about the gifting disasters of my family right now!)

I hope you and your mob had very merry merry times too!


  1. WOW what a fabulous day, and what lovely presents, so nice!

  2. your day looked like it was fabulous. we are all taking it easy today afer so much excitment and so much food and chocolate. x

  3. What great fun you're having with all that swimming & sunshine!! Too funny about the Nanna Nap, busted!! Merry Christmas, love Posie

  4. Wow, lots of swimming going on! & I love the look of your Christmas dinner! Nice one!

    Lovely gift from Megan! Pity I couldn't hand deliver mine! One day...

  5. It looks and sounds like you had a great Christmas Sal, poor little one getting sick, I hope she is better now. And you've got some sweet bloggy friends there, lovely thoughtful gifts. I hope you get some time to rest tomorrow. Merry Christmas Sal. xo

  6. WOW your day looked super duper Sal. Sorry for being so slck in blogland. The Janome has held me hostage ... and will for a while longer as I correct the silly mistakes ... it's gonna make for a funny post. HUGE HUGS, xo.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely family day!
    My oven died on Boxing Day, atleast I got to cook Xmas lunch before it gave up. Come to think of it, it was probably the multiple chickens, roast potatoes, mincre pies an pavlova that did it in hehe!
    Enjoy your pj days!

  8. wonderful pics and celebrations Sal.
    soo funny about the nanna nap, that's all you needed to happen for you never to attempt a nanna nap again.

    hope your new year is filled with laughter & sunshine ♥

  9. It all sounds gorgeous!
    Oh and you and I are so opposite! I never answer the door to poppers in. On Christmas morning the was a knock on the door and we all hid in our bed until they drove off. I still have no idea who it was.
    I hope you and that gorgeous family of yours are enjoying the last few days of 2010. X

  10. Normally I am very anti 'popping-in', I'm of the belief that invites are essential, but I'd only just unpacked your present in time to hand deliver it! So glad you liked it and don't worry, I noticed no bed wrinkles, drool or droopy bikini underwear and I thought your dress looked super nice and summery!

    Your Christmas looked wonderful (minus the spew), full of lovely wateryness as it should be on such a hot day!

  11. Sounds like an awesome day!!! Swimming under the star would be my highlight I think, I really miss nightime swimming, its way to cold down here even in summer! I love all the beautiful wrapping paper! The family shot is awesome and makes me laugh, so true and candid lol


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