Thursday, December 9, 2010

my creative space :: a 2010 retrospective

the best of my creative space 2010

Wow, there was a bit of hooking, a bit of stitching and a bit of sewing going on this year. There was even furniture assembly.

The boy also featured his growing creativity.

the boy's creative space 2010

I’m still loving that bog roll echidna so much… but the pins have since been reclaimed.

And my literal space was transformed from odic to actinic…

my creative space from this to this

… with a special birthday and chrissy around the corner it’s current state is half way in between!

So that my friends is ‘my creative space’ in 2010. What will 2011 hold I wonder?


  1. look at all the gorgeousness. What a lovely idea Sally.
    I still love that echidna, so much it aches xo

  2. Thsi si such a great idea to see everything you have done all year- I think I may do this too..

  3. I agree, a retrospective is a great idea. You've made so many lovely things!

  4. Great wrap up. A pleasant reminder of all things creative, whatever guise they may take!

  5. Great idea to show all this, I would like to make the same but don't know how......

  6. nice wrap up Sal! you have been busy.
    hope next year is filled with many more gorgeous creations.

  7. Its nice to be able to look back on your achievements for the year, one of the benefits of blogging!

    Sally ive tagged you for an award on my latest post because i love your blog , your photos and love seeing what youre up to. Im doing a giveaway so pop over and enter!

  8. wow, well done Sally! I'm so loving that echidna too : )

  9. Hello Sally,

    Love the little red bus. Oh you have creative children. Just smiled when I read about the dunny roll.
    Happy creating to you all.

  10. I haven't popped by here in ages, and my you have been productive! lots of projects looking good in this montage! I love the little doll you are sewing for your girl. I have just cut out pieces to replace the doll I damaged, and am desperate to get sewing!


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