Tuesday, December 21, 2010

packages sent on their merry way

I’ve been sewing, stitching and crocheting my heart out and managed to get three express post packages sent on their merry way to family in the Eastern states today. Hopefully they’ll make it before the weekend. Regular express post usually takes two days to arrive to the other side from here.
In the parcels, these coffee cozies for the blokes and “green” shopping bags for the children’s grandmothers and great grandmother.
'green' shopping bag
On one side I’ve stitched the boy’s hand print and on the other is the girl’s.
the girls handprint
For the great grandfather I crocheted a little blue bird… because I don’t think he gets out much for take away coffee and I know he loves birds.
Both the great grandparents recently had birthdays. While Poppa got a big block of chocolate I hooked a pitcher cover for Granny.
pitcher cover
I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually know what their gifts were so I made some little tags that I attached to all the pressies… just in case.
No Santa photo again this year. We tried because M. is so super keen on the big red man and E. said that he wanted to tag along too… but when we got within three metres of the big red man he wasn’t so keen after all. Ms. M was happy to get up close to Santa and say hello but she wasn’t so thrilled about sitting with him for a snap… I suspect due to all the colour rapidly draining from her big brother’s face. E. says he wants to go and try again… but after waiting for ages and ages in a queue again this year I told him that we’d wait until next year. I’ve also reassured him that it is no big deal… and it isn’t. I still got some lovely Chrissie shots at the ‘wonderland’ next to the toy department.
visiting Santa 1visiting Santa 2visiting Santa 4 
… even if they weren’t particularly co-operative for a photo next to Santa’s mailbox!mucking around


  1. I rather think these photos are way better than the "Santa knee" ones anyway. It's a clever Mum with the right focus who can spot the other opportunities.

  2. Oh well done, that Saturday must have paid off and you also must've been working like a trooper ever since! I am on day 4 of school holidays and have done nothing but sloth around, catch up on blogs, read and watch dvds and spend some time with my OH before taking him to the airport today to go back to work. Oh, and lots of sleep ins. There's so much I *could* have done, but I'm still so tired from last week that I decided it would all just have to wait!!

  3. i agree, you have some great (if not better) shots anyway. We love the myer santa land too and got to visit this year. By the way, your kids clothes look gorgeous, i esp like your son's top :) Merry xmas to you all xox

  4. I was going to say these are better than a santa shot too, but the other ladies beat me to it!

    Cute handmade gifts too!

  5. Beautiful photos!

    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. You take such fabulous photos.

    Have a lovely Christmas! Lara x

  7. I love the santas mailbox picture!! 'WE have been really really good Santa, just look at us LOL! Your little pressies are gorgeous!


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