Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thinking of you :: two for one

pin cushion

Isn’t this the most divine pin cushion? Wendy and I had a little swap last month, this went her way while the most gorgeous pin cushion above came mine. I’ve loved this pin cushion since I first saw it some time ago now. Do you recognise it? The one above is a twin… the first born twin went Gina’s way in the great pin cushion swap hosted by Kate earlier in the year.

So now I think of Wendy and Gina every time I sew. How cool is that?

Thank you Wendy.


  1. I love a goodly sized pincushion and what a great way to showcase doilies. All my pin cushions where made or bought for me especially and I always think of the kind people when I use them. Just a quick thought but still sweet. Cherrie

  2. The blue and the stitching is so beautiful. :)

  3. oh that's gorgeous! Lucky you... She did a beautiful job of it.


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