Monday, May 31, 2010

just a minute … in may

What a month! May has felt a lot like hard work, but there have still been some fun and sweet moments.

Listening… Dolly Parton’s song Clear Blue Morning has become almost an anthem in the car, Tracy Chapman’s first album was dug out of the depths of the CD collection and enjoyed one afternoon, Single Gun Theory – often a favourite when I’m home alone, and Fergie’s album The Duchess  for a bit of bop bop bopping along.

Watching… DVDs mostly, including The Incredible Human Journey, Adam, and Infamous.

Sewing… with flannelette. So warm. So comforting. Also made a little fabric basket for my bloggy anniversary giveaway and an apron for the great apron swao – but other than that sewing was a bit light on this month.

Crocheting… started Master E’s granny blanket.

Photographing… blah! I missed quite a few days of my 365 day project this month. Hard to be inspired when overwhelmed by sick children and being wiped out with a gastro bug myself. Nonetheless I’m still pursuing the project and have borrowed some books from the library to address the inspiration deficit.

Playing…  with opposites. Mr 3. just finds the contrary h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! Green means stop, red means go, and he loves to see your ‘angry’ face. Ms. M’s somersaults are first class and this month she has had two jumping castle encounters – a thrill that she endeavours to recreate on my bed first thing of a morning.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

life is as sweet as apple pie

What a beautiful day!

Life is sweet. And to cap off what was a rather pleasant day pottering around in the garden, painting pictures with water colours, reading stories, going to the fruit & veg market, listening to tunes really loud and dancing all around the house … we had yummy yummy homemade apple pie.

apple pie 

Ahh… the little things.

may sewing challenge :: all zipped up



May’s sewing challenge is to make something with a zipper, and as the colder months are really now upon us it really is time that I started sewing my babes some clothes to keep them warm.

So my project with a zip, my first that I can remember (although I do now have vague recollections of sewing a skirt with a zip a long long long time ago) is  this little polar fleece vest for Mr 3.the vest

It would seem that the poor lad is unfamiliar with the concept of a zipper…



… but he got the hang of it in the end.Mr 3 wearing his new vest

I had expected that this little vest would come together quite quickly, and it did, however there was much more hand sewing than I’d anticipated. All the binding has been machined sewed on the outer and then fixed with invisible stitches inside. Inserting the zip was too easy. Not a drama in the least. I’m not sure what I was worrying about… although I have noted that often with this sewing caper the bits that you think will come together easily often can give you the greatest headaches! Not this time.

For more zippy projects head on over to Carolyn’s.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Our family has had a rough start to the winter season – at least one of us has been sick with some virus or bug for the past nine weeks. Poor E. suffered the worst though – his recent gastro bug lasted over a week –  he barely talked for six days and needed to be carried from couch, to bath, to bed as he wouldn’t walk, he didn’t eat for the week and lost over three kilos. There were lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of sleepless nights. I got hit with the bug for four days – and whilst I was utterly wiped out (my partner commented I was clearly ill when I couldn’t even pick up a crochet hook) – it was nothing to the suffering of my poor son. Not to worry now though, we’re all better (touch wood) and hopefully we’ve built ourselves some robust immune systems to get through the winter without any more bugs (fingers TIGHTLY crossed).

There hasn’t been much opportunity for sewing (or anything else) but I have managed to finish off some projects using flannelette. I’m really taken with flannelette as a fabric. It is so soft and so easy to sew with. Dreamy! …which of course is perfect for pyjamas.

The mister and I finally had to say goodbye to some of our favourite pjs as the fabric had been worn though in parts. Endeavouring to refashion more and more I refashioned them into… yep… more pjs but this time four our precious little Ms. M.

recycled duckies formerly dadda's pjs

refashioned pjs formerly mamas (maternity) 

I finally finished Mr. 3s bright pink pyjamas with the buttons of his choosing…

mr 3 button choice 

and made Ms. M some more pyjamas with flannelette recently purchased.

pjs for Ms M

I just can’t get enough flannelette. I suppose it is the winter expression of my love of cotton. It does of course look better when it is all fresh and on the bolt – after a few washes it tends to pill and lose some of its colourful lustre.

colours fading and starting to pill

On a recent hunting adventure for sheets in oppys I came across a queen flannelette set with this super sweet floral and just couldn’t resist making my sweet girl this little nightie…

nightie… which she just loves to twirl about and dance in. Regrettably however, it does not seem to be conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Since I am now overwhelmed by the quantity of this pretty floral print I thought that perhaps a flannelette softie would be in order … flannelette  teddy … but alas it would seem that I am still ‘challenged’ when it comes to making teddy bears!

Friday, May 21, 2010

cuddles and crochet

At this time last night I was with my son at our local hospital. Suffering from a really bad case of gastro he was dehydrated and out of sorts. I try not to go to doctors unless it is completely necessary – my position on most illnesses is to let nature play its course – but when my son’s eyes turned from a glassy clear to a thick red before me I got spooked.

sick but perking up

The boy had barely spoken in forty-eight hours, and when he did speak it was almost inaudible. No eating and very little drinking there were lots of tears and lots of cuddles. But wouldn’t you know it? …as we’re in the car en route to the hospital he started to chat a little, and by the time we made the triage nurse his eyes were beginning to clear up and he was almost perky!!! I felt like the total neurotic mother.

@ 0230hrs

Even so, we had to hang around for a while as he rehydrated. It turns out that the intensely blood shot eyes is due to spiking an extremely high temperature causing the blood vessels in the eyes to burst. Regardless the cause – it was freaky to witness.

sick again

Whilst he managed to perk up, reduce his fever, not vomit or poo during our five hour middle-of-the-night visit to the hospital today he was awfully sick again, and the expulsion of bodily fluids was back with a vengeance. And whilst he slept for most of the day he would stir and cry whenever I left his side.

crochet & cuddles

So I sat by his side and started crocheting his blanket

and the giveaway day winner is…


Shelley who was number 276 after I  numbered all the followers and then the comments. 


My sincere thanks to you all for participating in my giveaway. The response has been truly overwhelming – I had anticipated perhaps 50 comments so to have 386 comments was truly exciting.

And for all of you who adore hand printed fabric take a virtual adventure from the left hand side of Australia to the right and have a look at this marvellous giveaway. Trust me – you will not be disappointed – but you better be quick, entries close at the end of today, right-hand side time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my creative space :: zippity do da

It is all about a zip here in my creative space today.

zippity do da 

This year I’ve been participating in Carolyn’s Sewing Challenge, and this month the challenge is all about zippers. I can’t remember ever sewing a zipper into anything before so this month really is going to be test. The plan is to sew the boy a zip-up vest now that the cold of winter is starting to set in.

Oh my! I’m getting all nervous just thinking about it. Have you got any sage advice for me? Any funny tales of what not to do?

For more creative spaces head on over to the hostess with the mostess Kirsty… but before you go don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you haven’t done so already.


…and be sure to have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

licking the bowl

We had some pears going a bit too ripe in the fruit bowl and so yesterday we decided to make some pear muffins. Mr. 3 took licking the bowl to new levels…

licking the bowl

mr 3 licked the bowl

No photos of the actual muffins though… they were all eaten before I even knew it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

giveaway day

YAY! It’s giveaway day!!! How ace is that? People from around the globe are all hosting giveaways.  My contribution is a fat quarter of my very own design screen printed by yours truly on a linen/cotton blend, along with six little buttons made from the very same.
giveaway day
So to enter just leave a comment (make sure you also leave an email, or link to your profile so I can get in touch with you if you win) on this post by the end of Thursday May 20 and I’ll draw the winner by random on Friday May 21. I’m happy to post to any destination a mail delivery agent will merrily go. All peeps that are following this blog will get a second entry – so be sure to sign up as a follower too if you want to increase your chances to win.

Don't forget to head on over to the Sew Mama Sew! blog for a list of all the giveaways being offered around the world.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a family that shares a scarf … stays warm(ish)

We were out and about today, frolicking in the glorious autumn weather. Beautiful sunshine and clear(ish) skies. It wasn’t particularly scarf wearing weather… yet somehow the crew all managed to have a turn.

E wears the scarf

dadda's turn

M wears the scarf

We also enjoyed holding hands…

holding hands

holding hands (2) 

Its Sundays like this that bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

a new home for a little linen basket

image Congratulations Mary!!! You’re the lucky winner.

Friday, May 14, 2010

to leave or not?

flowers make me smileHere is the current state of my stitching project. I am now unsure how to proceed. The pattern has leaves. I’m undecided. You thoughts? To leave or not?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

my creative space :: stitching


In my creative space this week I’m stitching. I started this project last month but for a number of mundane reasons it was put to the side. In my creative life there is a fierce battle being waged between embroidery and crochet. Both compete for creative couch time and so far this year crochet has been winning the fight. Muscle memory takes over when I’m crocheting a granny square and my mind retreats into a reflective state, this is not the case with embroidery where attention to fine detail is essential. Concentration and intense focus on the needle and floss is required, which again allows for meditation - just of a different kind.

It is my hope that both crochet and embroidery will be winners and so I’m making a concerted effort to keep up with my stitching.

Creativity abounds on Thursdays at the queen of stitching Kirsty’s place… but before you head on over there be sure to enter my little bloggy anniversary giveaway.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Finally our broccoli has started to flower. These plants have been in the raised garden bed over the course of the summer without any sign of flowers. Now, just as I was about to rip them from the bed to replace them with something more productive, they’re forming beautiful flowers. I love broccoli – it is one of my favourite vegetables. Perhaps it is the idea of eating flowers, certainly it is the fertile and vibrant green colouring – particularly after the flowers have been steamed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

the little things

Not long ago I bought…mgs I have no idea what they are called – but no doubt they’d have a fancy technical name. Essentially they’re a pair of scissors – for cutting threads. I tell you it has enhanced my sewing experience no end. It is the sound that I can’t get enough of. The excitement of sewing a seam is ten fold now that I know I get to use them at the end. The shoosh-y noise ending with a crisp cut. Love it. Currently this small aspect of sewing is providing me with one of my greatest pleasures.

…and just so that I can share this fabulousness with you here is a few quick seconds of out-of-focus video – it doesn’t matter that the picture quality is so shoddy… because it is the sound that is so … yep – you guessed it – ACE!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a bloggy anniversary

the prize

A year ago today yesterday (oops! got the day wrong) I started writing this blog. I am so glad that I did. I’m still not exactly sure why I started. Just mucking around on the computer one night. I never really expected that anyone would read it. I am so thankful that you have. I have been so encouraged by your comments and so enjoyed the friendship that you have offered. Marvellous. Super. ACE!

To celebrate I’m hosting a little giveaway. The prize? The little linen basket pictured above. It is empty at the moment but it will be filled with some notions and the like when it is sent on its way to you.

So to be in the draw just leave a comment on this post. Entries close on Friday 14 May 2010 and I’ll draw the winner on Saturday. Good luck!

…and thanks again, so much and with all my heart, for popping by and visiting me here in my little corner of cyber space.

on mother’s day

mother and child

mother and child – Gustav Klimt

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i’m bringing ace back

i *heart* ace

I *heart* ace. It is such a cool word. I’ve been thinking about it for much of the day as I pop in and out of creative spaces. I keep feeling the need to comment “wow – that’s ace” … I refrained myself as best I can.

… but I don’t think I can anymore. So be expecting lots of ace comments for a while until the attraction between me and ace wears off.

Just thought I’d give you the word up.

my creative space :: something for you

cup of tea

…nah – the cup of tea isn’t for you – that’s for me. I’m sipping it as I plan what to make for you. That’s my creative space this week – making something for you. Well one or two of you anyway. This coming Sunday will be my one year anniversary of being a blogger. Wowza. What a trip. To commemorate I am going to host a little giveaway and today’s the day I’m going to make it. So really I can’t show you much at all because I don’t want to ruin the surprise… oh yeah – and because I haven’t made it yet.

I can tell you that the prize won’t be… ciggy case    …a ciggy box made out of a bog roll, or…

stunning hat … this stunning hat.

I’ve decided against making something for you home such as this nutty idea…nutty planter …but only because I am all out of coconuts.

For a moment there I considered this to be a winner idea - the ultimate ecological security and storage device…scare away any thieves with this one …thieves would literally be tripping over your valuables as your saved money on your heating bill by blocking out the draft – but decided that perhaps you wouldn’t thank me if your children had nightmares.

So back to my cup of tea while I ponder it some more.back to it

Now you should head on over to Kirsty’s place for more creative spaces and be sure to come back and visit me on Sunday to enter the draw for my boggy anniversary… mmmmmmm…. maybe the ciggy box/pencil tidy isn’t such a bad after all?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

two states over feels like two doors down

I’m feeling a little bummed out today. You see two states over they’re having a party The Stitches and Craft Show from today until Sunday. I so wish I was in Melbourne so that I could go.

…and then the following weekend there is the Sew It Together meet-up which I was also desperately wanting to go to. My partner even worked out that we would have enough frequent flier points for me to get there – but alas* my little girl just won’t give up breast feeding. She still has two decent feeds a day, sometimes even more. She isn’t interested in a bottle and I don’t feel comfortable leaving her for a couple of days until she is no longer wanting that time with me.

Argh-well… maybe next year.

This feeling reminded me of Dolly Parton’s song “Two Doors Down”.

I love Dolly Parton. She is amazing. I fell for her when I saw her on Donahue (please tell me that you’re old enough to remember that show too???) and she said “well ya know Phil it costs a lot to look this cheap”. From then on I knew I loved her.

Anyway… for those of you on your way to either of these great events don’t forget about me “sitting here crying my heart out feeling sorry”!**


* it’s not really alas – if that’s what she wants or needs then it is okay with me. In the scheme of things this period in our lives is so very brief.

** I’m not really sitting here crying my heart out – by hey – nothing like a little melodrama especially when you’re sitting in bed having been run over by the flu.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my mother is a narcissist

Mother’s day is fast approaching. It is an ambivalent time of year for me. Since becoming a mother myself a little over three years ago I have come to realise that my own mother is in fact a narcissist. She has been a narcissistic parent for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I began to recognise the nature of her behaviour, its inherent cruelty and the damaging extent and impact that it has had on me as a person.

I moved out of home and interstate when I was seventeen years of age under the guise of going to university – but the choice of an educational institution far away was a means of grasping some room to breathe. Some space to be myself, to separate myself from her so that at least to me I was no longer an extension of herself – it was hard. As long as there is contact between us her claws are in me. My mother is the queen of sulking, guilt, emotional blackmail and passive aggression. She will always get her way.

Following the birth of my first child a very unwanted, but nonetheless essential, emergency c-section my mother’s sulking and criticism began the moment she entered my hospital room. It was awful. Not the uplifting celebration of the birth of my son that I had imagined, dreamed of and longed for so dearly. Instead she sulked and engaged her systems of passive aggression as my partner and I attempted our journey as parents on our own path – rather than hers. This marks the beginning of my awakening. No apology for her behaviour was ever offered – in its place was her at length discussion about the emotional turmoil and hardships of becoming a grandparent. She turned to me to support her through her journey at a time when I really needed a mother of my own.

I have no photos of myself as baby or a child as they belong to her. Apparently she doesn’t have the time to scan them or make some copies. Interestingly however she has had time to scan photos of herself as a baby and email them pointing out the physical resembles between herself and my daughter. Resemblances that don’t exist – my daughter is very much her father’s baby.

There is no reason or time (I am almost a middle aged woman now) to write about all the aspects of my relationship with my mother that have hurt me. The list is too long, it goes back too far and really it serves no greater good. But I do grieve. I am still hurt. And I am still angry.

I am terrified too. Terrified that I will become her. That I will hurt my children too. As time goes on I know that I won’t, that I couldn’t. The silver lining is that she has shown me exactly the mother I don’t want to be.

I am healing. It will take me some time. I limit my contact to her now. It is my only means of defence. At this time of year I feel overwhelmed and confused. I feel guilty too. Guilty because that is how I have been conditioned to feel all my life. Throughout society, on television, in advertising, on blogs, people celebrate their wonderful mothers. I feel guilty and ashamed that I don’t – rather here I am expounding to the world that my mother is indeed a narcissist.

I have however sent her a gift for mother’s day. I suppose mostly because I don’t want her to be complaining to anyone who will listen to her about what a terrible daughter I am. I guess too because I want to make something for my mother – the kind and caring mythical mother that I long for so much – and if I send it then maybe it will happen.

It is in the post now. I think I have made a mistake.