Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year


I tried cranberry flavoured ice cream for the first time in 2010. It was E’s turn to choose the flavour and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten – why did it take me so long to try???

Wishing you a 2011filled with fabulous discoveries and new experiences.

just a minute … in december

sun sets on 2010

Listening… to the sound of the sewing machine hum into the early hours of the morning. Managed to avoid Christmas carols as CD that we borrowed from the library was scratch – hallelujah.

Watching… Harry & his bucketful of dinosaurs! Thank goodness the boy received some new DVDs for Chrissy because he was driving me insane (but so good when trying to sew for his sister’s birthday). Now he is obsessed with E.T.. Ms. M is truly, madly, deeply in love with Diego. She just can’t get enough of him.

Eating… excessive amounts of “sometimes” foods – aka birthday cake, cup cakes, ice cream, crackers and dips, chocolate, shortbread, gingerbread … oh my and so much more. Urgh. It was all so yummy though!

Celebrating… E ‘graduating’ little kindy (as opposed to big kindy that he starts next year); Ms. M’s 2nd birthday and all other festivities associated with an Australian summer.

Playing… with lots of new toys from Christmas. E screamed with joy as he ripped the wrapping from his Buzz & Woody dolls on Chrissy day and has been playing with them ever since. Ms. M loves her new baby and her Upsy Daisy doll.

a granny a day 2010 :: the final count




The Swannies scarf :: 45 squaresfooty scarf 

The 10² rainbow blanket :: 100 squares10² blanket


Granny bunting :: 85 trianglesbunting 

Granny pram blankie :: 1 squarea pram blanket 

Nth Melb. granny mini-scarf that became a granny dashboard cover :: 1 rectangle the mini scarf that became a dashboard cover

Granny baubles :: 12 baublesgranny baubles


Granny stars :: 15 stars granny stars

E’s granny blanket (in progress) :: 112 squares E's blanket almost finished


The final total :: 371 grannies

Monday, December 27, 2010

are you suffering p.f.c.f?

…post-festive creative fatigue that is!

I am.  Enjoying laying around big time and all creative mojo has abandoned me at this time. Not to worry. Larissa is offering a creative kick-start giveaway… head on over to enter and help get your creative mojo back for the new year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry merry times

Another Christmas day has passed and the end of the year draws near.  Merry merry times indeedy.

In the days leading up to the big day the children cleared out old toys and took them to the Salvos.

making room

On Chrissy eve we met up with friends at a local pool and had much fun splashing, frolicking and opening pressies.  In the evening we ventured out to see the lights… wow some people go to a lot of trouble. It must cost a fortune to acquire so many lights in the first place and then to run them. I’m still a bit humbug relating to the reckless use of resources – but the children are enchanted by them so that is sweet I suppose.

Christmas morning there were lots of gorgeous presents under the tree… and one especially hand delivered to me front and centre…

under the tree 

… and the sunflowers started to bloom.

sunflowers bloom

It was always going to be a lovely day.  We started the day opening some pressies and then took some time out to eat cherries and croissants for breakfast. Yummo!


Then it was back to the tree to open some more goodies before heading poolside for some serious splashing around with some of our new toys and floaties.

Lunch was delicious as always … but the menu was a bit challenged this year as we still haven’t done anything about our broken oven (a final decision to be made in 2011). On the menu was apple and Swiss cheese tarts made using our old pie maker (which had to be dug out of the far reaches of the corner cupboard – phew it still worked), rocket, pear and parmesan salad and pesto fettuccini.

apple and swiss cheese piespear, parmesan and rocket salad pesto pasta

I finally bought myself a pitcher this week and we filled it with non-alcoholic cider – something special for all to enjoy. We lit candles on the table too – just because.


We cracked the bon bons, wore our silly hats and told the not-so-funny jokes… and then three mouthfuls into our lovely meal Ms. M went white and then vomited all over the table! Argh parenthood hey?  We cleaned up, freshened up and then were able to continue enjoying our meal.

the mess 

The children spent the afternoon playing with new toys, Dave cleaned up a bit and I napped for a while before we all headed off to the beach for more fun.

at the beach 

I think this is my favourite family shot of the day. All action!

building sand castles

… and this is the sand castle that I made while the water babies continued to splash. It didn’t survive much longer after this photo was taken - the boy had a marvellous time razing it to the ground. All good fun. We stayed at the beach into the early evening – E running up to people as they walked on the beach to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Ms. M wouldn’t let us forget the lolly pops that we’d been denying her for days – for her a special occasion just isn’t special without lots of lollies.

lots of lollies

Dinner was leftovers and a garden salad sitting outside in the cool of the evening. An easy meal with an even easier clean up solution… aka the garden hose!

left overs

… and yep then it was more swimming. This time under the stars.

swimming under the stars

We were all very exhausted at the end of the day. Totally, absolutely, ever fibre of our body exhausted – signs of uber merry merry times indeedy.

I’d like to make special thanks to two awesome bloggy friends. Firstly to Mandy who sent my precious children the most beautifully made blocks, and some fat quarters for me too! YAY!

goodies from tassie 

Wrapped in gorgeous fabric (that I quickly hid from E who has a fetish for cutting up material into tiny pieces), there were loud exclamations of WOW as the gifts were opened. Both children absolutely adored the blocks and were fascinated by how they can be used to build lots of different pictures. Such enchanting gifts – so beautiful. I am so blessed to have such a lovely friend. Thank you Mandy.

Secondly I need to thank Megan who surprised me with a hand delivered “pay it forward” Chrissy gift on Christmas eve. Oh my… what she must think of me! The boys had been out fruit and veg shopping Friday afternoon and I’d stayed home to ‘do jobs’, but had actually seized the opportunity for a granny nap. On hearing the car pull into the driveway I quickly got up and rushed out the door – a guise to hide my slothfulness – only wiping the drool from my face before I greeted them. It was at this time I noticed a woman crossing the road and approaching us – I was thinking who is this person??? They’ve got the wrong address… but there was hope that the gift they were holding was for me… and it was!!! It was Megan! How funny. There I was in my tent dress – very comfy but only a step up from a caftan really, with the most awful bed-hair and no doubt a sheet pattern pressed into my cheek meeting my dear bloggy friend for the first time! What a sight I must have made … and all the time there was panic building within that the bikini bottom that I was wearing and which I could now feel had become untied on one side was going to fall off there and then. Thankfully it didn’t … but oh my what an impression that would have made if it had!  I’ve gotta say it was a wonderful Christmas eve surprise and had me all abuzz for the rest of the day. As for that beautifully wrapped package that took the prime position of front and centre under our tree…

pay it forward

…oh my how stunning. How perfect! How totally thoughtful and appropriate. I love grey, my creative space is the grey room and kangaroo paw are one of my all time favourite flowers! PERFECT! It will be hung today – on the door to my creative wonderland. Thank you Megan. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful it is… and it was my favourite present of the day by miles – thousands of miles even (I won’t talk about the gifting disasters of my family right now!)

I hope you and your mob had very merry merry times too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

it’s all about the season here

More gifts finished and wrapped up yesterday.

Some softies…


… and PJ sets made from baby wraps and sheets.

PJs from sheetspjs from sheets toobaby wrap PJs

I made my first attempt at thread sketching with this last one… it is pretty awful… I need a lot of practice that’s for sure. I’m hoping that the two year old will find it whimsical. Quite of few of my friends children are getting PJ sets made from refashioned opt sheets. I wonder what they’ll think of it?

And on visiting the big ol’ man in red we got a Santa shot after all. The boy had been talking about going back to see Santa from the time we walked in the door returning from our abandoned at the eleventh hour trip on Monday. Yesterday morning he was pestering me to take him again but I must say I wasn’t keen… one stint of lining up for ages to not go near the big guy a year is enough for me… so looking the boy and girl up and down in their ratty and very stained play clothes I said that I wasn’t paying $30 for a photo of them looking like that and then went on my way to do the breakie dishes and have a shower. I was very surprised to find them changed into some “nice”* clothes when I came back to check on them and so caved into the Christmas spirit and resigned myself to lining up again…

with Santa 20100001

… in the first instance the boy wanted to stand to the left of Santa’s oversized chair but the photographer couldn’t get him in shot. Determined to get a photo the boy sucked it up and moved a little closer… see how tightly he and his sister are holding hands. They look very relaxed and at ease don’t they? – NOT!  Whilst the experience itself seemed to be likened to that of taking bad medicine they were both overjoyed by seeing the big red man as soon as we’d left his presence. I am yet to work out what was going on in the boy’s head to have such a change of heart. Very intriguing indeedy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

packages sent on their merry way

I’ve been sewing, stitching and crocheting my heart out and managed to get three express post packages sent on their merry way to family in the Eastern states today. Hopefully they’ll make it before the weekend. Regular express post usually takes two days to arrive to the other side from here.
In the parcels, these coffee cozies for the blokes and “green” shopping bags for the children’s grandmothers and great grandmother.
'green' shopping bag
On one side I’ve stitched the boy’s hand print and on the other is the girl’s.
the girls handprint
For the great grandfather I crocheted a little blue bird… because I don’t think he gets out much for take away coffee and I know he loves birds.
Both the great grandparents recently had birthdays. While Poppa got a big block of chocolate I hooked a pitcher cover for Granny.
pitcher cover
I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually know what their gifts were so I made some little tags that I attached to all the pressies… just in case.
No Santa photo again this year. We tried because M. is so super keen on the big red man and E. said that he wanted to tag along too… but when we got within three metres of the big red man he wasn’t so keen after all. Ms. M was happy to get up close to Santa and say hello but she wasn’t so thrilled about sitting with him for a snap… I suspect due to all the colour rapidly draining from her big brother’s face. E. says he wants to go and try again… but after waiting for ages and ages in a queue again this year I told him that we’d wait until next year. I’ve also reassured him that it is no big deal… and it isn’t. I still got some lovely Chrissie shots at the ‘wonderland’ next to the toy department.
visiting Santa 1visiting Santa 2visiting Santa 4 
… even if they weren’t particularly co-operative for a photo next to Santa’s mailbox!mucking around

Sunday, December 19, 2010

so very delicious

retro mummy giveaway

These fabrics are so very delicious that I just have to enter retro mummy’s giveaway. I wanna win… and hey – you might want to win too. If so – head on over to Corrie’s place and throw your name into the draw.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

getting started…

… yep that’s right. Today I am finally getting started on my Christmas sewing. I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted after the girl’s birthday, a bit flat so to speak, my sewing mojo has deserted me at my hour of need – but today is the day to push through it regardless and try to get something done.


So to help the mojo find its way back to me… and to make room in the fridge ready for festive delights… I’ve poured myself a glass of flat champagne with orange and headed to the sewing machine.

getting started

Wish me luck won’t you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

and then she was two

… there was a twinkle twinkle cake…the cake

… bunting and balloons…bunting

…presents to be unwrapped…presents

… and party food…party food

… and swimming in the pool…swimming

It was a happy happy birthday all in all.cutting her birthday cake

… and then I collapsed into bed overwhelmed by pure exhaustion!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

handmade for my girl

My baby girl turns two tomorrow. Fancy that. I’ve been busy making her some birthday presents.
I finished sewing this little doll, and made a basket and blanket too. I stitched Ms. M’s initials and the date of her second birthday on the back corner of the doll’s dress.
MAE doll
I’ve made her a sweet top too, with a matching hat…sweet top and hat 
… and a pinafore with matching pants.pinafore and pants
Ms. M is super special to me so I made her a cape to reflect her super-status in my heart.Super M
I made her some jeans too… just because they’re practical and she is growing so fast…jeans
… and a denim dress just because.denim dress
Tonight I am finishing sewing her birthday dress, icing her birthday cake, wrapping these presents and of course blowing up balloons… all the time reflecting on these most magical two years that have passed.