Sunday, January 2, 2011

favourite fifteen




bars of light

in the shower


black swan


licking the beater


in the barbers chair

on the line




These are fifteen of my favourite pics from last year’s 365 – a photo a day project. They’re fifteen favourites today anyhow. On different days I have different favourites – seeing different aspects of the images deepening on my emotional state.

I started the project on a whim after reading this post on Megan’s blog at the start of 2010. I thought  “hey why not? I’ll give that a go”. I didn’t fully understand what huge challenge it actually was and I paid no consideration to what I actually wanted to get out of the project. There were times when the challenge was a burden and a frustration, and other times when it enabled me to see things that in other circumstances I would have taken for granted.

Over the 365 days I missed fifteen days in total – pretty good really.  Today for the first time in twelve months I didn’t take a single photo and I didn’t worry about it all. Fabulous. I’m looking forward to taking more photos – but just because I want too, because I am filled with inspiration, not because I’m meeting a challenge.

Nonetheless I’m glad I did it. I might even do it again one day.


  1. SALLY!!! holy shit they are awesome!!! Oh my god- i am so thrilled for you! they look so porfessional!!! I have looked at them three times and cannot decide whihc one i like the best. Well doen you. I want my photos to improve this year, having a good camera has helped me a lot. You have inspired me to get better. xx

  2. They are just ACE! Love them! I love that one & that one & that one... & that one. Nope can't pick out just one favourite. They are fabulous. You are such a great photographer. & you did an amazing job keeping up with the one a day pics. I can understand why you would be pleased to go "unchallenged" now. That sort of thing can really become a burden. You did amazing with all your challenges you were in though. Well done.

  3. I can see why they're faves. Gorgeousness.

  4. Sal you should enter a competition!!

  5. That is an incredible collection of photos. You are a very talented photographer.

    Have you thought about making a Blurb book of some of your favourites? That would a great way to celebrate your accomplishment.

  6. WOW!! THey ar all gorgeous Sally! What a lovely way to record a year. I think every photo became my new favourite lol

  7. Gorgeous!!

    I can't even pick a fav.

    Happy New Year :-)

  8. They are just so fantastic, Sally! :) Kx

  9. Great photos. You truly are an artist! Looking forward to seeing 2011 pics (year not quantity! :))

  10. They are all fantastic Sally - well done - what an achievement. I am hoping that my photo skills improve this year too as I learn how to use this new camera.

  11. I like Tinniegirls idea about the book. I happen to be floored by the agapanthus shot so Im gonna go out on a limb and say thats my favourite. (For now, haha) Until you post more of yours that is. The hairdressing shot is full of interest too for me.

    Thanks for visiting me and youve given me the idea that I really need to do a big sweep of my studio too.

    Happy crafting for the new year! x

  12. What fabulous photos Sally! I think I might have to add working on my photography skills for 2011 to my growing list!

    Happy New Year! Hope it brings you all you desire!

  13. sally they are amazing. good on you for persisting through the sometimes burden of commitment. looks like it was well worth it. i badly need to do something like that but fear holds me back

  14. Yikes how you could settle on 15 is a huge task in itself ... everyone of your pics was gorgeous. I'm here banging the drum, singing your praises, yelling Yayyyyyy ... OK I'll stop now ;) You're the best Sal, the absolute best. xo

  15. Hello Sally,

    I am commentor number 16 I feel I shouldn't be putting the number 15 out of place. Seriously enjoyed looking at these. Maybe a little book of your photo's should be on the cards. It would make a great present for family and friends.
    Happy weekend.

    p.s the blue pegs make hanging out washing fun. That would be one to put in the luandry.

  16. Wow from me too Sal, I can't pick a favourite - maybe the beet???
    I love them, and especially how you have made the everday look amazing like the pegs and paints.

  17. I just can't believe the quality of your photos, Sally. I am truly in awe. I love them and think you are a very talented lady.


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