Saturday, January 29, 2011

slow saturdays

We’re taking it slow today. It is hot and humid and a cyclone might me on its way. There is an unrelated storm coming too!

icy cold drinks We have been downing lots of icy drinks.

pita pizzas under the grillpita pizzas  … and eating pita pizzas cooked under the grill.

icy poles Icy poles have been popular with the two littler folk too.

storm is a comingAll this while watching the storm clouds roll in. Beautiful.

I love watching storms. I love the sound of thunder – well I love it until it gets too scary. I love watching lightning crack on the horizon too. I have so many fond memories of living in Darwin, sitting on the beach watching the afternoon storms roll in during the wet season. Sensational. Such a dramatic landscape. We don’t get that many storms here in Perth.

I am so grateful for slow Saturdays. Those kind of Saturdays where everyone can just be. Lovely.

Gratefulness abounds @ Maxabella’s.


  1. Oh glorious Saturday indeedy!! Don't you miss Darwin & those storms?? We used to say to our children, it's raining, go run out in the rain. I love it. Canberra is so dry & different, but i love it too, just a much shorter swimming season. Enjoy, love Posie

  2. so love your snaps and the awesome Saturday you had with your cherubs. I love to watch a storm roll in too but hate it when it goes crazy and does damage :) great to find your blog. Naomi x

  3. Hasn't this summer been incredible?
    The rain, the floods and cyclones on the way.

    I love the images of your icy cold drinks, the delish pizza and the kids cooling off with ice-blocks.

    Last night I swayed to a cooling summer breeze on our upstairs verandah [until the mozzies became too annoying] wondering in the extremes in weather that we experience in our corner of this wonderful world.

    Here's to a great Sunday,

    Felicity x

  4. A very Aussie weekend! Reminds me of so many of my family weekends when the kids were Canberra like least there aren't any crocs there!

  5. Your blog is so beautiful and I love your photos. Sorry to gush but I get excited when I find blogs like yours. Like you we're battening down for a cyclone here as well. Never a dull moment!

  6. great pics! Glad the cyclone is going elsewhere.

  7. Great photos! I can almost feel the storm in the air. Hope you ride out the cyclone okay.

  8. ... and that wonderful ozoney smell just before the first clap of thunder rings out. I love storms too!!! Especially after a really hot day when they announce a little bit of cool relief.

    Thanks fro joining in today. x

  9. What an amazing picture of the storm clouds. I hope the storm was not too heavy....

  10. Hope all was well as the storms passed over you! We're starting to batten down now in case the big one heading to QLD hits up here. Crazy weather this year!!

  11. Gorgeous post - love those pictures and that omnipotent, deity-like view you set up - here's my drink, here's my pizza, here's my view, bring it on!

  12. Absolute Perfection ... a good storm, delish eats and adorable company ... not in that order of course ;-)

  13. WE get even less storms her ein south Tassie and then the 'storms' they have are really quite lame compared to those I loved seeing growing up in QLD. Love Love Love storms too, and yeah only until they get scary :) I have really missed summer this year.


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