Sunday, January 16, 2011

summer daze

It has been a fortnight since I’ve popped by to blog. I took the liberty of indulging in an impulsive bloggy holiday – and have much to catch up on. It has been nice relaxing in a summer daze – a lovely way to revitalise and start what will undoubtedly be a very busy year.

So what have we been up to?

summer skyWell not much really. Lounging about under clear blue skies.

mowing the lawnsMowing the lawns.

sprinklerRunning over sprinklers and listening to squeals of delight.

bbq breakfastsThe meat eaters have been bbq-ing their breakfasts and relishing the freshness of summer morning, while I enjoy my weet-bix with sliced banana…

… and of course there has been lots of swimming and frolicking in the pool and at the beach too.happy asswimmer 

We have left the house. Already in 2011 we’ve visited the museum, the aquarium and the AQWA

And there has been a little crafting going on too… not much though – the tiniest bit of hooking and some stitching whilst watching the flooding events unfold in the eastern states.stitching

So there you go. The first fortnight of the new year has been spent relaxing and reviving but now alas it is time to get our groove back on… 2011 here we come.


  1. Sounds like the perfect reasons not to blog. Happy Holidays!

  2. Sounds like the perfect summer holiday to me. Lucky to have the weather on your side. We have been to the beach twice in six weeks!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings:)
    High and Dry here - but what a week. Think that it is time for a hapy post.

  4. Hello Sally,

    Sounds like the perfect start to 2011.
    Happy days.

  5. great pictures. i love your mower. you sure have been busy checking out all the cool spots. x

  6. Glad to see you back Sal - I was starting to worry about you!
    Looks like lovely days, I just hope we get some summer weather here soon!

  7. welcome back. good to see you had a lovely holiday with your lovely family. xx

  8. Your photos really are brilliant! Looks like a fun holiday!

  9. Nice to see you back and after such a lovely break too. Looking forward to following another year of virtù : )

  10. oooh and I'm loving that nude in stitch too

  11. all very good reasons to take a blog break i say

  12. little blogging holidays are lovely! well done you for taking pics of yours. my holiday was a bit longer, but i'm finding it is so so lovely to get back into blogging and catch up on what everyone has been up to over the summer - its weirdly a bit like that first week back a school.


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