Monday, February 14, 2011

@ my place

… there was an orchid waiting for me on the dining room table when I returned home from the morning run around.orchid

We don’t really “do” valentine’s day. 0ur anniversary is next week and that is so much more special to us, but it always lovely to received a beautiful flower. My gorgeous man gave me a candy striped orchid when we lived in Darwin but we were forced to leave it at the border when we drove into Western Australia all those years ago. The WA border check is pretty full on – I’ve passed over international borders with less checks! This orchid above is a dendrobium orchid – which doesn’t really mean much to me other than it is really pretty.

That is where the romance ends. The rest of my day will no doubt be dedicated to assembling some Ikea furniture.ikea assembly

The children’s bedroom is all freshly painted. The bunk bed has been assembled and slept in for the very first time last night and now it is time to assemble some new drawers. I have been assured by E. that he will be turning over a new leaf and actually storing his clothes in the draws as opposed to the floor – but I think we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

And of course… being a Monday it is washing day. Three loads down and on the line, one more to go and two baskets already waiting to be folded.

I hope your day is filled with a little more excitement! What are you doing for this day of lurve?


  1. We don't 'do' Val's Day either, but many years my hub has surprised me with a little token as well. Means so much more than the standard dozen red!!

    Hope the Ikea furniture doesn't send you TOO bonkers. Oh how I hate the allen key. x

  2. Funnily enough, a trip to Ikea for me today lol. We do the card thing and apparently hubby thought about buing me a punnet of raspberries (but there weren't any around) It was a lovely thought though as I love them. When we visited WA about 15 years ago during the wild flower season, there were a lot of tiny orchid like flowers around. Stunning.

  3. What a sweetie to give you an orchid!

    Lets see, today I've been to the hairdresser, had an oxygen delivery, had the gardener come to weed, and now I'm sewing. Tonight it's just me and Houdini Dog on the couch!

  4. Chef just texted me happy valentines day and I said "are you all right?'

    that about sums it up for us.

  5. Sometimes kids really do 'get it' and turn lver new leaves. I find putting furniture together rather cathartic. Hope it does the same for you. Cherrie

  6. Hello Sally,

    Oh your beautiful orchid will flower for weeks. Number one rule that children have is they have a floorrobe not a wardrobe!!!!
    Happy Monday.

  7. We dont 'do ' Valentines Day either. I did get a box of choccies though and the kids have eaten most of them!


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