Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I stole some moments away with my sewing machine this afternoon. The children sat naked, wrapped in beach towels after a swim, watching Octonauts on the tele, and as I sat at the sewing machine I noticed that the house was quiet.

at the machine listening to the quiet of a humming fan 

Quiet except for the rhythmic hum of the ceiling fan above. The house is calm.

What a difference to the sounds the people of northern Queensland would be experiencing just now. It is just under three hours until the eye of Cyclone Yasi is expected to hit the Cairn’s coastline. My thoughts are with all the people, but especially the young children. My heart aches with thoughts of the fear they must be experiencing.


  1. And the mums and dads of those little kids desperate to protect them emotionally and physically. terrifying.

  2. I do love that quiet afternoon hum. Yep, scary stuff happening to our part of the world lately.


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