Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back to the ‘real’ world

My partner went back to work today. He’d just had two and a half weeks rec. leave. We had the most wonderful time – a beautiful way to see out the last of summer. It was so lovely to spend time together, and as a family.

We celebrated our 14th anniversary. He gifted me this most delightful ring made by the out of this world talented Christina. We managed to make it out for our once a year date-night – but kept it low key just seeing the film The King’s Speech since I’m so tired all the time. Even so we had a splendid evening together.

ric rac ring

We also packed up the kids and headed on down to Margaret River for five days. Brilliant. The holiday we all needed. So much fun.


went to lots of beaches

beachbeach (2)beach (3)the beach

saw lots and lots of cowssaw cows 

spent considerable time at the chocolate factorychocolate factory

and visiting suppliers of fine foodsfine foods

including the cheese factorycheese factory  

explored magical forestsbig treeforest

snacked in the back of the carsnacked in the back of the car 

soaked in spassoaked in spas

and swam about in the paddling pool.swan in paddling pools 

We all had such a wonderful time away…my crew

…and now it is back to the ‘real’ world.


  1. The ring looks great and so does the holiday! Wonderful photographs. Lucky you.

  2. Happy Anniversary:) What a pretty gift to get. It looks like you had a really lovely time together. The photos are beautiful. We loved the chocolate factory too when we visited, the girls thought the free chocolate was great. I hope your week goes well settling back into the routine. xo

  3. Oh! Your hubby did such a good job of keeping that a secret, even I didn't know the ring was for you!! I saw the photo come up in my blog reader and thought 'oh look, there's one of my rings!' How exciting!

    It all sounds wonderful indeed. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the photo of the little ones on the eski! I remember doing that as a child! :)

  4. oh and I forgot to say YAY!!! even bigger congrats on your soon-to-be-arriving family member!

  5. Sounds wonderful Sal!
    I've been eyeing off that ring too - it's gorgeous.

  6. How fantastic! And what a beautiful surprise in the ring, it is delightful indeed. My turn to be jealous over the lovely down south time and all that yummy food! You look like you are in seventh heaven in that spa too :)

    Also, first Brown Owls meeting - 19th March from 2-4... hope you can make it!

  7. Love the last photo - it says it all really xx

  8. It looks like the perfect holiday for all reasons!
    Reality strikes hard after such enjoyment. Bummer... hope you settle back in at home soon.

  9. beautiful beautiful photos Sally, nic to " see ' you again.

  10. What a lovely, warm, fuzzy post. I'm so happy you had such a beaut holiday. We're off to Busselton on Monday - so now I'm really excited!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Your holiday looks wonderful and I love your ring. You all look very relaxed and happy :-)

  12. Happy anniversary! What a lovely family holiday. little miss is sooo big now. Ava and Linus talks about you guys. We were looking at photos of you guys the other day and Linus was very excited to see photos of little miss, pointing and saying her name for every photo :) We were also reading Monster's Inc last night and that got Ava talking about you as the blue monster is called Sulley!

  13. Congrats with the anniversary. And the holidays pictures shows happy family life, peace and SUMMER;

  14. Eeek! I haven't stopped by for such a long time ( Sorry ) and I read you casually say 'I'm so tired all the time' and think Pregnant!? oh or terribly sick : ( ... you give me such a beautiful long post to get to the end of to discover your wonderful news! Congratulations!


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