Sunday, March 20, 2011

what i’ve been up to

Not much. We’ll it feels like not much anyhow but I suppose I have been hosting my little virgo. The heat in Perth this summer has been ridiculous and knocked me around quite a bit. Lots of swimming, lots of cold showers, and lots of watching DVDs slothing on the couch. Just in the past couple of weeks I’ve watched seasons six of both Weeds  and Entourage  and I have also watch the mini-series Little Dorrit.

I’ve been watching all the awful news events on the tele too. The Japanese tsunami, the Christchurch earthquake, the Perth bushfires, the civil war in Libya, and more. More than once I have found myself in tears and at times overwhelmed with melancholy – this world in which we live can be so harsh. No sense, no reason. It can get me down. Sometimes it even makes me scared.  Maybe I’m just hormonal. It makes it hard for me to blog though – the bits and pieces in my life seem so insignificant and trivial in the face of such catastrophe.


  1. Yep its all pretty horrific. To be honest I cant watch the news anymore, it really does just get me down too much. I know whats happening, there is nothing much I can do to stop it so I really cant let myself get too carried away with my own emotions. I love 'Weeds', how did you like it?

  2. news is a no go for me, too, I try to read about it online instead, as I find the TV news is deliberately trying to play with my emotions. Good to hear from you again, love the idea of hosting a virgo...


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