Sunday, May 29, 2011

end of autumn

end of Autumn

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our little garden. The summer here in Perth wasn’t kind to us – it was long, very hot and dry. At the end of Autumn however there is a bit more action. Tomatoes, beetroot, basil, zucchini, and silverbeet are all going strong. We’ve also picked our first lemons from our small lemon tree and now have many many fresh, sweet and juicy oranges.


Today I harvested from the garden some mushrooms…mushrooms 


…and radishes.radish

My heart swells with joy as I watch the children pull veggies from the garden and twist oranges from the tree. This morning Ms. M was amazed and enraptured by the beautiful red radishes being pulled from the earth. She was in absolute awe. So wonderful. Meanwhile Mr E. showed his bravery balancing precariously on a chair reaching with full stretch to get oranges from the tree. Marvellous.

So, how does your garden grow?


  1. Certainly not as beautifully as your garden is growing. What a lovely feeling being able to feed your family from your own garden:) Do you have any tips or advice to help my garden become a productive place? xo

  2. Our garden? not so well, but I have just spent the weekend on my cousin's five acres, we planted seeds in her new vegie patch and poured over vegetable books. I am inspired. We ate oranges straight from her tree - bliss, as you know:)

  3. Sally, gorgeous garden photos! Hey, we (Yalca Fruit Trees) are now sending stuff to WA if you need any extra fun fruit or nut trees this season- just letting you know xx

  4. I'm so very inspired by your gardening. We are just embarking on our own gardening now that we have a back 'yard' (mainly cement). Nothing has been much of a success yet but there is still joy in the planting, the observing, and the delight the kids have in joining in.

    I just want to crunch on those radishes!

  5. What beautiful pictures. In my garden are only flowers!


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