Sunday, May 1, 2011

finding our groove

I’ve been a bit absent from the blogosphere for the past month or so. Mid-March I returned to full-time work and it has taken the family and I a little while to find our groove, our daily rhythm. We’ve had visitors from inter-state in that time too which disrupted the routine we were newly forming.

I think we’ve found our groove now. It is a struggle to find balance, to find time for all the things I love. And there is the sheer exhaustion too – a full time employee, a full time mother and hostess to a growing life within.

This weekend there was some time for sewing, some time for hooking and some time to hang with my nearest and dearest. Bliss.


  1. It's a juggling act Sal. Sounds like a lovely week ahead :)

  2. Full time working and mumming and wifing is HARD! Glad you are finding your groove.


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