Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a maternity skirt for me

maternity skirt

I am fast running out of clothes to wear. My belly (and my arse!) are growing at a rapid rate. Getting dressed of a morning ready for work isn’t much fun. It is hard to look nice and feel comfortable at the same time. This is the first maternity skirt that I’ve made – and there were a few lessons that I learned through the process. Time permitting I’ll be making a couple more.


  1. Love the skirt! And being about the same stage through my pregnancy I feel like my arse has grown to counterbalance my tummy!!

  2. The skirt looks beautiful. I think that it's great you can make something for work without having to buy. Why does the backside have to spread out too when the belly gets more than big enough to cope with? I hope you are well. xo

  3. Beautiful belly!

    Great skirt- great fabric choice for winter!

  4. i think you look gorgeous.

  5. So, Im just catching up on the last few months of your posts Sal. And I'm gobsmacked that you're managing to make spiffy maternity clothing in the midst of your full-time-everything-else-ing!!! Great fabric. It's nice to dress in attractive clothes when preggers.


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