Monday, May 9, 2011


1. wake up

Wake up! After hitting the snooze button for a good ten minutes or so I finally drag myself out of bed.


2. the journey to work

Showered, dressed and armed with a hot cup of tea it is time to head off to work.

3. breakie at my desk  Arriving at work it is time to jump straight into it while having breakie at my desk.


4. lunch

There isn’t much time for lunch, but I manage to steal some moments from the busy day.


5. pick-up time

Time to leave work and head off to pick up the children…


6. via the library …via the library to pick up a book I’d reserved.


7. the first collection Pick #1 child up from school


8. grocery shopping A quick grocery shop at the markets (oops… forgot the enviro bags)


9. another collection Pick #2 child up from family day care.


10. feet up with a cuppa

Unfulfilled ambitions of a cup of tea with my feet up for five minutes.


11. laundry

Three loads of washing done and hung out.


12. starting to cook dinner Veggie soup prepared, cooked and eaten.

 13. bath time

Children bathed and bedded.

… and then finally time for me to hit the sheets, put my very swollen feet up and do a little bit of bedtime craft.

14. bed craft 

Good night.


  1. I know how you feel. You'll get busier again with three!! :) But at least you won't have to work for a bit. Hopefully you can keep the others in care for a bit when the baby comes.

  2. LORDY!!! EEEEk! sending restful thoughts, that is full on Sal. x

  3. Good God! Makes me tired just reading this - and I work part time (three days) and am about as pregnant as you too. Phew - you must be having that 2nd trimester energy surge that I've never experienced!!

    Hoping you're enjoying work and the break from kids and not wearing yourself out too much. You'll be hanging out for the baby to arrive so you can relax a bit!!

  4. Heck, I need a coffee now!

  5. Oh my goodness Sally i feel exhausted just reading that! What a day!

  6. What a day, I also feel exhausted just reading. You have to take care carrying the baby!!!!!!!

  7. geez! slow down, were you at your desk at 5:50!?!?! Does D do the morning drop then? I struggle to be at work at 7.30 and I live 10min from work and preschool.

  8. You know, popping out no.3 is going to seem like something of a holiday. I love the photos... and that there was space and forethought enough to take them amidst the fullness of it all! (like at 5:30am. Nuts!)


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