Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother’s day

What a lovely day. It started with cuddles and breakfast in bed. Cards were gifted that had been made at day care and at school.

mother's day

My little girl gifted me a beautiful mandarin tree – replacing the one that her brother had accidentally tortured at the end of last year (it had done quite well up until the end of the summer when it just couldn’t cope with the extreme heat – now it is only the root stock that is sprouting green). As we still had Ms. M’s placenta in the freezer she and her dada planted the tree with the placenta in the base of the pot… may this little plant grow and be fruitful.

a gift from my sweet one

My boy spent much for the day making me gifts and drawings – I received lots and lots of robots created from the recycling. Super. My two little cherubs also made me a huge tent in their bedroom using every pillow, cushion and blanket in the house. Very special… but most special of all was that they got on all day and didn’t squabble and bicker with each other. The greatest gift of all. Fantastic.

Another highlight of the day the discovery of a little bird’s nest in our orange tree –so very fitting on mother’s day me thinks.

a nest in the orange tree 

A lovely dovely day indeedy. I am one very fortunate woman.



  1. Hello! That's beautiful and so thoughtful. Happy Mother's day to you :)

  2. Sounds like mine. I love the breakfast I get in bed. For my birthday last year I got a piece of dry bread, a chocolate, half a glass of milk and a biscuit. And the two of them sat there and watched me until I finished it all.

  3. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day :)

  4. Happy Mothers Day! Very lovely for you to have a squabble free day :) E is getting very good at writing his name as well, that is very good for a kindy boy!


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