Sunday, May 22, 2011

a rainbow scarf

E's rainbow scarf

E. loves rainbows. His favourite colour used to be pink, but these days when the question of his favourite colour is posed he replies that he loves all the colours in the rainbow.  I was commissioned to hook him a ‘rainbow’ scarf. Using the easy wash acrylics in my stash I hooked this scarf for him.

E and his scarf

He loves it – the scarf… but he wasn’t loving having his photo taken!


  1. I reckon even my Nudey-in-Winter three year old would be jumping to wear a rainbow scarf like that...

  2. Oh I love it and I so wish I could track down all those colors so I could whip one up :)

  3. Terrific colours! Just what kids love I reckon! Rainbows are special, a mummy made rainbow scarf is twice as special! Well done Mummy.

  4. Sally it's soooo awesome!!!
    much more awesome than our boys' performance yesterday :(

  5. Wonderful! Cute pic too, scarves are more than just for keeping our necks warm, they are also very useful when one needs somewhere to hide ones face : )


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