Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the rest of the day

Ok… so I did eventually get out of bed – a little after 10am. A huge lie in for me. It was great… but then I was getting fidgety and wanted a shower. I didn’t resist all the jobs at hand… I did make a quick trip to the shops to stock up on milk. I wanted a cuppa! I popped into the library while I was there. Then I headed home and resumed my regime of relaxation… but not until I’d hung out the washing. It was a bright and sunny day how could a Mama resist getting on top of the washing?

Then I started some simple hooking while I put my feet up bathing in the autumn sun…

sitting in the sun 

…all kinds of wonderful!


I did dabble in a little laundry - soaking a little doll that needed a good wash after being left outside in the rain.


Does it upset anyone else seeing her hanging by her hair on the line??? I find it very unsettling. Poor little darling.

All in all though I did pretty well at resisting all the chores that well, frankly, really need to be done. The relaxation and rest was needed more and I have to say that I am all the better for it.

After picking the kids up early from day care we all headed out to a cafe for chocolate milkshakes and a decaf cap.

cafe with the fam

I miss my beautiful babes so much. So lovely to spend an afternoon in the sun chatting about our days and do a little colouring too! Time to go slow. To enjoy each other. More time to just be.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day Sal - glad you put your feet up - well for a bit anyway!

  2. What a lovely day out in the sun, but of course you couldn´t resist doing some chores *tut tut*. I sympathise completely about missing spending time with the babes. Friday is my day, daycare is having a planning day and will be closed to I took the day off to spend with the munchkins. This weekend we are skyping ok!?

  3. time to go slow. well done, you!

  4. Crocheting in the sun.....ahhhhh!

  5. A giganormous high five to you, clever lady.

  6. Well done on holding off on doing too many of those chores, 14 hour days whoa, not cool at any time, and especially not when you're growing another life at the same time!

    Sounds like it did the job though, so glad you enjoying your you day :)

  7. Love the pictures - looked like the perfect day. And as much as I hate the washing I can't resist a lovely breezy sunshiny day!!


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