Saturday, May 21, 2011

saturday mornings

saturday morning @ the library

Our weeks are hectic and by their end the children are capital T, capital I, capital R, capital E, capital D, TIRED! Ms. M spends five 8-10 hour days in day care and Mr. E has three similar days plus two days of big boy school. Saturday mornings are now known for their meltdowns around here.

Where would we be without our local library? A place to chill out on the couch in the warmth of the sun reading a book. A peaceful place to go. I am so grateful for our library. I am often popping in and out to borrow sewing and craft books. The children treat their library cards as if they’re credit cards and visit the library to ‘buy’ new books, DVDs and CDs. I love Saturday mornings at the library.

Gratefulness abounds @ Maxabella loves.


  1. We would be lost without our library too Sally. My boys always come out with about 10 books each. They are both avid readers which i highly encourage even to the extent of avoiding chores as I so want my boys to be grown up readers. If I can only pass on that gift then I feel that I will have achieved something... :-)

  2. Been thinking of you Sally, honestly dont know you do it all. The big weeks must take their toll on the little ones ( and you of course! ) Hope you are all keeping well, Thank God for the library!

  3. We love our local library and just the big wide world of books in general. Life is hectic, but these moments make it all worthwhile.

    Happy to see you today, Sally! x

  4. Really, really, really good point Sally. Mums and Dads think how tired they are after all their working week but forget how tiring their schedule is for the children. I'll say it again....

  5. I love library Saturday mornings as well, when we go into town on Saturdays we have a milkshake at the bakery, go to the library and these mornings are known as 'super Saturday's'


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