Friday, June 17, 2011

her favourite colours scarf

M's scarfA little crocheted scarf for my precious Ms. M. Her favourite colours to date have been orange and yellow but we’re now certainly entering a very defined pink period.

my precious Ms. M & her scarf 

Ms. M is such a sponge for knowledge - observes and absorbs everything. She comes out with the most random, yet thoughtful comments. “Look Mama there are some clouds. They’re not rain clouds. Nooooo.” [shaking her head] “Baby dogs are called puppies” she exclaims without a dog or puppy in sight. “I want to go on a rocket ship and catch aliens. I’ll use a net…  then I’ll put them outside.” she informs me as I eat my breakfast.  Delightful.


  1. It has been very cold the last week, it has got me into making fingur less gloves for the whole family.

  2. Oh those are the things you must write down to remember as she gets older....wait, you just did, silly me!

    Hope all is going well with you and you're managing to stay warm!

  3. Oh it's beautiful, lucky girl!! Sorry i've been absent for so long, i've had ongoing issues with comments, driving me crazy. Love Posie


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