Monday, June 20, 2011

tunic top

skirt to be refashioned

I bought this woollen skirt many many moons ago when I was living in Darwin. I know! Certainly a strange place to buy a woollen skirt and I can’t remember getting much wear out of it whilst there but once we’d moved down south it got a pretty reasonable workout. A size eight it hasn’t fit me since I’ve had children – so the time has come for it to be refashioned…

1. refashioned tunic top 

…into a little tunic top. I am so pleased with the result. Super cute and super toasty. I used ribbing to bind the neckline and arm holes which worked really well.

Ms. M


Some time was taken to convince Ms. M. to wear it – but once she understood that she could wear a pink skivvy underneath all was good. I know I’m biased but I think she looks super cute too! What a super smile.


  1. oh wow, that's an awesome refashion! Great job! & oh to be a size 8 again! lol

  2. I've tried a couple of re-fashion projects and they have been fails. I do like re-purposing pillowcases and sheets though.

  3. You may be biased but she is super cute! love the tunic


  4. Awww that is so adorable Sal!
    I can't remember the last time I was a size 8.... maybe in primary school ha ha?

  5. Awesome job! I think it is better as a top than a skirt. Love the gorgeous smile on your little girl too.

  6. Hello Sally,

    Great remake. Yes she does look so cute in it. Happy days to all.

  7. Great idea, nobody would tell, and she looks cute in it!
    I loved the refashioned pajamas too.

  8. You are right, you're little girl does look super cute with her beautiful smile. A great refashion Sally. xo

  9. Definitely a great job, you have every right to be ultra pleased with it! Ms M looks delightful and think of all the other colours it can be worn with as the favourites change :)

    You've certainly got your crafty mojo back, so good to see!

  10. Well done Sal - cute outfit and even better smiling kid!

  11. I love it - great thinking!!

  12. What a great idea - it looks gorgeous too!


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