Friday, July 29, 2011

an open letter to the manufacturer


I am writing to express my disappointment with my purchase of Blunstone boots. I have long been a wearer of Blunstone boots – I have worn them during my university studies and as I travelled the world. The purchase of a pair of Blunstone boots seemed like the logical choice when I was pregnant with my first child – comfortable for my swollen ankles and sore feet – my previous purchases of Blunstone boots had been long-lasting and comfortable.

blunstones since 1870

I am unaware if there has been a change in your manufacturing process but these latest boots have not at all been durable. Worn only in the winter months of my two pregnancies on retrieving my boots from the back of the wardrobe for my current pregnancy I was disappointed to realise that the soles of the boots were falling apart.

a holeyly sole

It is hardly fathomable to me that a pair of “work” boots could suffer any significant deterioration when they have only been word for a cumulative total of a mere few months. Even more disappointing considering that my employment is in an office environment on fully carpeted floors. On purchasing I believed I had bought myself a pair of hard wearing work boots and as such had expected that the soles would last for many years.

a heel falling apart

Frankly, I am disappointed and disheartened by the loss of these boots. I investigated the possibility of repair, but the cost means I would be better off buying new boots.

another hole in the sole

Now pregnant for a third time, again with swollen ankles and sore feet, I reflect sadly on the loss of my boots which only lasted such a short time. It is in this spirit of remorse that I write to make you aware of my disappointment in the hopes that you will improve your quality control measures.

Regards, Sally.


  1. I can't believe Blundies have fallen so, Sally. They got me through uni and a trip around the globe as well. I hope they sort this out immediately after reading your blog post (as they do). x

  2. Hi Sally,

    We have had the same problem. We also were Blundstones for working boots. the soles came apart on my husbands boots after only a week. Very shoddy. Apparently this is happening quite a bit on the new ones.

  3. I hope they realise sending the work overseas has been a bad move all round...

  4. They literally don't make 'em like they used to. I haven't bought any Blunnies latety but my 3 are all boot kids and the quality of most boots is crap. No hand-me-downs; really just let's-see-if-they-will-stay-together-for-one-seaon.

  5. Yep, Yep, Yep....they made them the best in tassie!! And while your at it, you could go on about explorer socks as-well!! Some things will just never be the same.

  6. I hear ya. I changed brands a while back- but I like you was a big fan, wore them backpacking around the world and they lasted forever adn just got more comfy.

  7. I too am lamenting my blunies! They have never been the same since they sent them offshore and I love my work boots......haven't found a decent replacement either :-(

  8. Hello Sally,

    This is what happens when an Australian company decides it is better for them to get them "Made In China"
    I hope you let them know and tell them about this post on your blog. It will be interesting to see there reaction.
    My daughter had the same problem with shoes that were supposed to be leather that we purchased from Target, They lasted two weeks and one of her workmates had the same problem. Don';t buy shoes from there now.
    Have a great weekend and keep your feet up.

  9. I wear mine all year round and after nearly 20 years they look scruffy but are still going strong and THAT is why I won't give them up for a new pair. Because the new pairs that family have bought have NOT worn well at all. It was a shame that they went off shore BUT consumers said they would buy the Chinese produced equivalent based on price soooo off shore the company went in order to be competitive. This is a scenario repeated in many areas of our products market. Wake up Australia. Support your quality home grown products or they go off shore and we know longer have the right to expect that product to be ever the same again. Dick Smith tried to push this message and invested a lot of his own money but we let him and our farmers down. I really don't want to see us going down the path of America and being a nation that cannot even feed ourselves. I've always believed in buying a product well and once, quality is prime and "you get what you pay for". I am still mourning the demise of Country Road...some of you may be too young to remember this brand when it was made in Australia and it was WONDERFUL and worth every cent. on the soapbox please....

  10. I absolutely LOVE my Blundstones. They were a 21st gift, and still going strong 17 years later. I was sorry to hear they now make them in China. Even sorrier to hear they have deteriorated so much in quality.

  11. I would be surprised if your boots were not manufactured here in Tassie (given that they are probably 5-ish years old) since Blundstone moved their boot manufacturing to China in 2007. Although I'm a bit like you - had a pair of boots from Uni days and they lasted and lasted and lasted (until I wore a hole in the leather at the toe) but the sole on the replacement boots deteriorated in a similar way to yours.

    FYI, Blundstone still manufacture their gumboots in Hobart - never owned a pair, could be practical for your man for the birthing suite (ha, ha)!!

  12. looks like yours cracked right where mine did too Sal. Annoying. I just bought my fella some great jeans- made in Australia- how novel!

  13. Stupid freemarket economies.

  14. I had exactly this same problem last winter. The sole literally fell off after i pulled them out from a bit of time in storage. crappy.

  15. I also have a pair of blunnies
    with completely crumbling soles!
    The story they give to customers
    regarding the deterioration is
    ridiculous. They have ripped off
    hundreds of people. They need to be


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