Monday, August 8, 2011

bamboo for baby

bamboo yarn 

Crossing things off my list of things to do includes getting a move on and finishing some projects for my precious little virgo . I started hooking a little something for bub at the last Brown Owls. I didn’t get off to a particularly promising start with all that I had achieved during the meet being unravelled just before heading home. Since then there has been some progress… but the time has come to get my hook on.

Have you ever crocheted with bamboo before? It is beautiful. I bought six balls of bamboo yarn at a mid-year sale.  It is so soft an lovely. Absolutely delicious. I’m in big time yarn love.


  1. I made a ripple blanket out of sirdar snuggly baby bamboo dk, it was gorgeous but so heavy in the end!
    So snuggly! Would definately use it again! x

  2. Love bamboo, its so gorgeous!

    Hows the man?, hope he's feeling better and finishing off the bathroom LOL!

  3. Just been reading through your last few posts - my you've been busy with a new kitchen, trips to the hospital and more crafting! and I can't believe how time has flown and you're almost at your due date!

    Hope you're feeling well and enjoying the last few weeks!

    Best wishes from sunny Cairns!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Yes bamboo is lovely to use. Perfect for your weather over there too. What's your pattern? Looks lovely. Just single crochet is it?

    Hope things are getting finished now, for your piece of mind at least. Bathroom for one! Glad there was no operation needed for your man too. Phew.... how stressful things can be... Take care...

  5. you know I've always wondered about Bamboo as I've never used it, so now I'm very tempted too xo

  6. I have a box of that bamboo yarn and have been baned from buying any more. I have made a few little teddy for friends which had babys. Its very nice to work with.

  7. Bamboo is such a soft yarn, perfect for your precious little bundle to have next to their new skin. xo

  8. Bamboo is lovely to knit or crochet with isn't it. A Virgo will appreciate the special little touches you are creating for them :-)

    Jill is right it is nice and sunny in Cairns and today up the hill it even felt like summer was on the way!


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