Wednesday, August 10, 2011

counting down – 37 weeks


I spent much of this morning with my head in a bucket vomiting. Blah. I have to say that the time when pregnancy is enjoyable has essentially passed. Discomfort and ailments rule the body. Pelvis pain and acid reflux my primary nemeses.

Even so we’re still having some precious moments – the kids and I all had a bath today and took much delight watching baby wriggle and jiggle inside my tummy. There was lots of singing and general frivolity – our baby’s first bath with it’s siblings.

Tomorrow I have a scan to determine position and size of baby. I’m hoping that the information will help me make a decision that I can be faithful to in regards to this baby’s birth. (Thanks to everyone who left a comment – you all really lifted my spirits and left me feeling more empowered and less alone than before.)

Last night I completed the census – my first as a mother. I was pregnant with E. for the last census – I don’t think on that night five years ago I would have imagined that I would be about to have my third child next time the census came round. Leaves me wondering what our family will look like in another five years. 

All in all though I found the census a little dull. The questions that they ask aren’t that interesting. Why doesn’t the government want to know my favourite colour? Or my favourite song? I just think since they’re going to the effort to ask me so many other questions they might as well ask me some interesting stuff as well. Nevertheless I do always find it interesting that my partner elects to be counted as a Catholic (because he was baptised and it' keeps the numbers up!) when he apparently doesn’t believe in God. Alternatively whilst I don’t believe in the personified versions of God exulted by the major religions I do have a spiritual faith and yet identify myself as having no religion at all (I haven’t had time for Jedi Knight crusades since becoming a mother).


  1. I just caught up on The Decision. Tricky, second guessing stuff. I hope the scan makes it all easy peasy lemon squeezy. And because I have VERY STRONG OPINIONS on such things (but also get that what is good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the, er, other goose) I am just going to BE QUIET.

    Oh and vomit at 37 weeks is just too bloody unfair. (Travel well, possum).

  2. You have certainly put in a lot to have your children. They'll never be able to question how much you wanted the. Your experiences sound difficult and I donb't envy you but just think of those quiet little snuggles you will be enjying soon. Hoping all goes well (and don't let the specialists scare you too much - I'm sure they do a course in that.). Cherrie

  3. oh Sally I'm so sorry to hear you've been having a rotten time of it. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you are getting your scan. I hope after it, the decision becomes crystal clear.
    If you are anything like me, trying to make such an important decision would be stressing me out.
    so big hugs and i hope you're doing ok xo

  4. Good luck with your scan, hope it helps make things clearer? Still vomiting, poor you! That bath sounds like fun....going to be hard to squeeze you all in AFTER :-) I found the census rather dull as well, those other questions would have been much more entertaining to answer!


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