Monday, August 8, 2011

a curve ball

Life threw a curve ball this weekend. The man of the household was admitted to hospital with a quinsy. There was talk of him having to get his tonsils out too!

in hospital

NOOOOOOOO!!!! You’ve seen the current state of my bathroom and with three weeks to the bub’s birth the last thing in the world I was expecting was for my rock to be in hospital having his tonsils out. Oh my! Needless to say I had a very sleepless Saturday night… my mind racing at a hundred miles an hour with all the possible worse case scenarios with some pretty powerful braxton hicks thrown in for good measure.

THANKFULLY on Sunday, having had his quinsy lanced and antibiotics via an IV the man was recovering and surgery to remove his tonsils deemed unnecessary at this time. PHEW. I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt like I was walking on air. I am so grateful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses that looked after my man so well. Fantastic I tell you.

I’d finally finished a pair of jeans for my boy at the end of last week. They’d been hanging around for a long time just waiting to be hemmed.

new jeans

The boy was so pleased with them that he wore them to the hospital to visit his Dad.

new jeans 

The weekend has shown me just how disorganised I am and how totally unprepared I am for our new arrival. I’m now on a mission to fly through my list of things to do… well fly as fast as a woman who now waddles rather than walks can! A non-airborne kind of fly if you like.


  1. Rubbish. 'Course you're ready. I'd bet on it, even if you don't think you are. Three weeks before my second was born, my Mr did his damndest to sever his thumb with a circular saw. Everything you described I also did. Then the Middle came two weeks early and there wasn't any of that helpful hand squeezing during labour happening! Hope your Mr is back on his feet in no time...

  2. Sheesh! it never rains but it pours does it!! The thing to remember with babies is that, you know their needs are few... some loving arms, milk, warmth. It's ok if your to-do list doesn't get done, it's amazing how little of that the baby notices!!

  3. That is so true about Baby not noticing, just have a baby sling and away you will go. Cute jeans and thank goodness the man is on the mend and came home.

  4. Hello Sally,

    Oh you had one weekend didn't you. Babies have survived for years without all those extras. Look at those poor babies in Somalia who survive against all odds. Just do a bit each day and before you know it you will be ready and bub will be ready to come into your family. Enjoy the last few weeks.
    Happy days.

  5. The jeans look great, Mr E has some very slick model poses happening there! Thank goodness all turned out for the best with the Mr, definitely not what you need right now!

  6. Oh wow not what a pregnant Mum needed just now you poor thing. I'm glad everything went well and your hubby didn't need to have an operation. Very swoosh jeans, love the fabric pockets. I hope you get a chance to get everything ticked off your list before bub arrives, just try to have a bit of rest too:) xo


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