Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no longer an apron

A close friend of mine works at Coles supermarket. During the Commonwealth Games in India the deli staff wore fancy Indian-inspired aprons. By the end of the games she’d acquired four of the aprons which she then gifted to me.1. an apron The aprons are made from a cotton drill – so perfectly hard wearing for play clothes. There was enough material in the four aprons to make Ms. M a dress and a pair of pants.

collageThe dress is lined with pink flannelette remnants and the buttons were found in my collection, I have a funny feeling they were from a single breasted jacket with substantial shoulder pads I used to wear in the 1980s. the button

There wasn’t enough material left over for any fussy-cutting so the pants are a little odd me thinks in terms of the pattern… but hey they certainly fit the quirky refashioned homemade play clothes brief.5. the pants

Ms. M is happy enough in both…




… and yes she is looking for her baby in the second shot! … and no I did not give her that horrid hair cut – I’m still in shock that such a hack job cost $10! Humpf.


  1. What a perfect idea to se the apron for these clothes, looks super!

  2. That is awesome, I really love them. I like the buttons down the back, I might try that. I constantly make Annie's dresses but they are all pretty much the same!!

  3. What a lovely friend for gathering those for you. The fabric is gorgeous! Miss M looks very happy with her new play clothes.

  4. Gorgeous material and so great for kids clothes, love the pattern on them! My mum used to cut my hair like that....I thought that style went out in the dark ages ;-)

  5. Those look great! What a good idea.

  6. Great use of that fabric. The haircut cracks me up, rather like Charlie's bowl cut - and yes, that was a $10 job as well. But last time I tried cutting it, it was even worse. The curse of the straight-haired kid...

  7. Oooo I can see a gorgeous tote ...doubt you have time to run one up now ♥


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