Friday, September 23, 2011


footprints @ 1 month


  1. Beautiful!
    Theres something about feet that does it for me, more than the handprints do. I want to do this with my grandbabies now as I had forgotten about capturing their growth this way, x

  2. awesome!

    has he got big or little feet? DJ has BIG! I thought BJ's were big but his are bigger! lol

  3. I remember trying to do that by myself when the boys were little, not easy as they curl up there toes when you get the paint on their feet! I did manage some plaster of paris prints of Ethans hands and Cullens feet ( which were huge then ) when they were 2. I did it with my Day Care kids for their mums for xmas.....don't try to do it with multiple children ;-)

  4. I also remember trying to do this with my first daughter without much success! You did well!! Suz

  5. Hello Sally,

    I wonder how big his feet will end up being. You just want to cuddle there toes don't you.
    Happy days.

  6. I can't see the footprints, I wanted some baby love! Hope all is well at your house Sal xx

  7. Oh my comment won't save, argh. I think i said something whitty about forget the washing & bring on Summer. Off to bed now, go slow internet is not my friend, love Posie


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