Tuesday, September 13, 2011

frilly and spotty pink pants

frilly spotty pink pants

Ms. M has had a growth spurt. Not a lot in her wardrobe fits her these days. Concurrently an obsession with pink has developed. It is very difficult to get her to wear any colour other than pink.

frilly pink pants

To start her spring/summer wardrobe off I made her this pair of frilly and spotty pink pants. The lovely Megan gifted me a voucher at Spotty for Christmas and so in the recent sales I bought up lots of discounted pink cord. These pants are made of a very light weight corduroy – just perfect for these in between months.

Ms M wears pink frilly pants 

Ms. M  certainly has grown loads since her debut on this blog.

And before heading off I’ll let you know that Megan is hosting a giveaway – do yourself a favour and pop on over to throw your name into the draw.


  1. Well, you cant beat pink AND frills!


  2. I have heard of quite a few young lasses who wake up one morning and can only think pink. But not all of them have super cute pink polka dot pants with a sweet frill. Lucky for little girls with mothers who sew I say. :)

  3. Too cute! What is it about pink and girls? I hated pink and dresses ;-)


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