Saturday, September 3, 2011

not yet in the garden

I had hoped that the first weekend of spring I’d be out and about in the garden… it hasn’t happened yet. No gorgeous spring weather today in this part of the world. Good down pours of rain, and I know that I should be grateful for such blessings, but this weekend I’m itching to get out into the garden and potter around.

Ms. M was gifted a Fisher Price camera from her new little baby brother. A thanks for being my big sister gift. I am proud to say that for the most part my children are really good sharers and so today her older brother got out into the garden while it wasn’t raining to take a few snaps.

E in the gardenAn interesting point of view.

I am so looking forward to observing what they find interesting and their perspective of the world. Judging from the first lot of photos that I’ve downloaded from the camera Ms. M has a deep fascination with her car seat!

As for the garden there are many jobs waiting to be done. Lawns to be mowed and edged. Winter crops to have one last harvest. Manure to be spread on the garden beds. Weeds to be ripped from the ground. And most enjoyable of all, cups of tea to be sipped while gazing at the garden and planning what and where spring seedlings will go. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I on the other hand have been very happy with all the rain today, means there is no reason for feeling guilty about not being in the garden!!

    The bindi bindi has taken hold of our back lawn and I am trying to hold onto the point of view that I can remove it by hand and that there is no need for spraying it with chemicals. My hold on that view is wavering though...

  2. I forgot to comment on the photos! I like the one of the bike handle bar. Nicely focused, centred and a lovely bright splash of colour right in time for Spring! :)

  3. Its raining here too and I am doing the bookwork. I did buy some seedlings though and they will get into the garden if the wallabies don't get to them first. Cute little toes, I love kids photos. We discovered a beauty on the kids camera taken by my eldest of the youngests naked bottom (close up...eeewwwww), couldn't believe what I was seeing at first but I am saving it for a blackmail shot later when I need bargaining power! LOL :-)

  4. Oh do not worry about not getting in the garden... gezzz girl!!! It will always be there.

    I said I was getting in the garden today. Through hell and high water I made sure it happened when the babe slept. It rained and spitted but I got out there and achieved something. Better than nothing...

    We just got to do what we can...


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