Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sewing with e.

Master E. is a creative lad. He draws. He cuts. He pastes. A cardboard box is a favoured toy – a true treasure to him. He is developing as a photographer too and now he is wanting to learn to sew.


He has adopted a truly free-style approach. Totally hands free.



He intently watches the machine as the fabric moves through. His eyes fixed on the needle going up and down. He is absolutely enthralled.


I’m so thrilled to be sharing my love of sewing with the boy. I’m stoked that he finds the process as magical as me. Just like me he has grand plans of all the things he wants to make. The dreaming as important as the making itself.


The product so far. Beautiful yellow stitches on shiny blue material. Darling.


  1. Keep up the great work. You are amazing...

  2. Oh, I love his technique and that expression!

  3. His face is beautiful, totally captivated. Hands free is probably the safest way to go as well Lovely work! :-)

  4. GO Master E!!!!!! A crafter of the future!!!

  5. Look at that expression of wonder, I love it! What a novel way of sewing, and with such artistically creative results. You might just have to frame that piece once he's finished :)

  6. That's so lovely to see Sally. I can see the smile all over your face watching him sew. xo

  7. Well done to him - looks like he is having a great time and look at that concerntration.

  8. Awesome! And he's off to a great start! My little guy is learning as well. It's so much fun to share with them, isn't it? :)


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