Friday, September 2, 2011


cotton blanket

Babe and I are keeping very strange hours at the moment. No identifiable routine or pattern exists. We’re just sleeping and waking in our own rhythm, unrelated to the rising and setting of the sun and moon .

Baby O sleeps in a bassinet to the side of my bed. I’ve never used a bassinet before, my older two children spent much of their first weeks sleeping next to me in my own bed. This little babe has been doing some of that too, but with two older siblings also crawling into bed in the early hours of the morning* I thought it best to provide some personal space for this little one. “There were five in the bed and the little one said…” .

Prior to his birth I managed to hook-up a little crocheted blanket for his bassinet. Made from only one 200gm ball of cotton from Bendigo Wool Mills it is quite small. So is he. Perfection. I’ve not used cotton before. It is lovely and soft. I’m loving it almost as much as the bamboo. 

my sleeping babe

I wonder what he is dreaming of as he sleeps. He makes the sweetest little noises: sighs, giggles, grunts & farts.

* early to me anyhow – I think they believe the hours they keep are quite civilised. Where did the early-bird gene come from? Certainly not from me!


  1. Oh he is so precious Sally:) So serene and peaceful. Beautiful crochet work:) x

  2. I love both cotton and bamboo too. Oh sleeping babe, he is so gorgeous! Happy weekend Sally. x

  3. Hi,

    Just found your blog site. Your baby pictures a so so lovely and I love the simplicity of white crochet. Beautiful x

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x

  4. Now I really am feeling clucky....wish I was close enough to cuddle and breathe in that gorgeous milky baby scent :-) Lovely blanket too ;-)


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