Tuesday, September 13, 2011

three weeks

3wks 1.

3wks 2.

3wks 3.


Or at the very least slow down. Time you’re flying by too fast for me. Three weeks have already passed and my baby boy is growing and changing every day. I’m trying to commit all these special moments to memory, but experience has taught me how much I will forget.

Mr 4. and Ms. 2 now seem like giants. Just three weeks ago they were still "small” to me. I’ve been king hit by reality. POW. I’ve come to and now can see just how much they’ve grown and developed.

Time. So very bitter sweet.


  1. I've missed your last few "O is x weeks old" posts - I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!

    PS. Love that you've finally made it on the sewing machine and made some pink pants for the girl! The frill must be the absolute clincher.

  2. enjoy every minute of them all Sal, so precious ♥

  3. Oh I hear what you are saying! How come the big kids suddenly grow up over night just cos one has a baby? BJ sure did too. Sad, but good too as he is thriving & learning & developing new stuff everyday that is exciting to see too. In the meantime DJ grows like a little weed too. Your wee one is a lovely little bundle. Enjoy every second!

  4. Oh, so gorgeous and so very new still. Sometimes it feels like forever since Cohen was that small too, and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. :)

  5. time does sure fly when you're having fun!!
    He's such a cutie xo

  6. That last photo is adorable, he's such a chunky monkey.....you must want to cuddle him all the time :-)

  7. Whilst it's lovely to see them all growing and learning new things, it would be lovely if it could all slow down so that we could take it all in.

  8. Hearing you - I think I can officially join the "how did we get to here" club and the "where has time flown" one too:)
    He is very cute - shame they havn't developed that needle yet:)


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