Tuesday, September 6, 2011

two weeks

two weeks old

Baby O is two weeks old.

Not surprisingly the sewing machine is yet to be visited since his birth. I’ve been itching to sew, wanting to make him all kinds of bits and pieces. I’m full of inspiration. Even so there are more important tasks at hand, breastfeeding my beautiful babe, spending quality time with Ms. M & Master E., and when there are spare moments resting up as best I can.

Just half an hour before my labour started a fortnight ago I finished sewing this baby kimono wrap. It is made from flannelette – soft and warm for baby.

kimino sleeping sack

It was one of the first items that my babe wore in the hospital. I feel good knowing that from the very beginning he has been wrapped in clothing made with all my love.

Early in the day I had made a little baby kimono shirt & pants with the same materials.

kimono top & pants

The kimono style is super easy for dressing baby – especially in those first days when Baby O had a canula in his arm.

baby o wears his kimono shirt 

Yeah baby!


  1. He is smiling already and why wouldn't he in such a happy loving house. Love the wrap and his PJ's :-)

  2. What an adorable top photo. My bubs were too skinny for the kimono nighties but it's good to see they do work. Obviously Babe O enjoys them! Cherrie

  3. Aw, he is so darn cute.

    Precious times x

  4. They are beautiful- looks much easier than a onesie (which almost reduced my Mr to tears on more then one occasion) he loves it too by the looks of it!

  5. Kimono warp baby clothes are the bomb! We had quite a lot of them from the home land when A and L were little. Sounds like you are on a high! I just remember being completely drained after Linus birth, I wouldn´t have managed to thread needle, never the less even think about sewing!

  6. Late congratulations! He is gorgeous.

  7. oh my that is the cutest little thing ever!!
    Sal, I can't believe 2 weeks and so cute & alert!!!

  8. Naaaw look what you made (the baby not the sewing of course) lol

  9. Wow, I'm out of the loop. Congrats on the new arrival. He is a cutie.

  10. Oh he is too cute!! You are so in love with this little fella, love Posie

  11. Your little bub is so sweet Sally and what a wonderful feeling knowing he is wrapped up in your love. xo

  12. How beautiful he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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