Tuesday, October 18, 2011

eight weeks

A rainy day today in these parts.

There were times during the day when the small’s moods emulated the gloomy weather outside.

feeling gloomy 

Not helped for the smallest of them all that he was taken for his eight week immunisation shots. Ouch. And not great for the older two to be stuck in a traffic jam for an hour in said gloomy weather. What is it with Perth commuters that at the first sign of rain they abandon public transport and head for their cars?

There were times when we managed to smile and laugh too.

big smiles from Ms. ME mucking around

There are some days just like that around here. A mixed bag so to speak. For my part I enjoyed hugging and consoling and laughing and joking too. Time is teaching me to relish it all. Some days I can, and being human some days I can’t. Today though I could, and I’d like to celebrate that.

@ 8 wks@ 8 wks 2. @ 8wks 3. little feet

That’s not to say though that at day’s end I am not totally knackered. An exhaustion that is difficult to describe.


So a few points to record (because at this point in the day I am struggling to construct sentences):

  • baby O got his first library card before the application to register his birth was posted (and I think this is uber ace!)
  • birth certificate arrived with spelling errors for both siblings. Phoned registry office to correct and was told to destroy incorrect copy – as if!
  • was panic stricken opening letter containing new birth certificate supposing that it was in fact a speeding ticket – was so relieved.
  • at child health clinic appointment baby O weighed in at 5.95kg and was described as a very sociable baby. He is indeed. Such a sweet natured and chilled out little soul.
  • I was incredibly proud of my children’s behaviour this morning as I dragged them around the city doing errands. They were all trying so hard and listening so well.
  • Ms. M is obsessed with birthday parties – particularly her own up coming event
  • E.’s favourite Star Wars character is Darth Vader (and has told me that when he grows up he is going to be evil – I haven’t the heart to break it to him that his nature is too kind and gracious for such ambition)
  • baby O loves his bath time.


  1. Happy 8 weeks to you all. Beautiful photos and great points to remember at the end.

  2. such utter gorgeousness! i am inspired to record more memories like this. three has tipped me into a new level of crazy tired though!

  3. Beautiful baby and beautiful blanket too! (And big kids!) I think Ed had the same striped suit and we also had immunisations yesterday. Not fun.

  4. Rainy days are hard with little kids. Your littlest one is growing so fast. I can see he still has a little newbornishness left though.

  5. A great big high five to you for the Day That You Could. Because I also know all about the Days When I Can't.

  6. I'm glad to hear it was a day you could cherish, with the ups and downs. In addition to the beauty of your children, the blanket is also quite lovely!

  7. lol, wants to be evil! bwahahaha ... priceless.

    Lovely post.

  8. Oh my favourite photo is big boy up close to the camera with the background scene and the yawn!!!

    What a gorgeous bunch!!!

  9. LOL, Ace indeed! And E as Darth Vader, I have a hard time seeing that happening too, bless him. Linus is Star Wars obsessed atm too, what is it with these boys? Ms M reminds me of Ava so much in how you describe her, she is still obsessed with birthday parties and asks us to sing happy birthday as a bedtime song at times :D

  10. What beautiful photos , I loved this post , thanks !

  11. Sometimes rainy days can be great indoors; better when all chores are done and meals are sorted !
    Love those big baldy-type babies who look as if they are worried about the economy - SO adorable.
    Make the most; its all over so quickly !

  12. Great photos!! You have just got to cherish the good moments when you can hey! Hopefully the exhaustion eases up soon :)

  13. I love these photos Sal, just priceless. Your big boy is such a sweetie and so funny love what he wants to grow up and become, you'll have to write that one down. x


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