Saturday, October 29, 2011


first day at the beach 29.10.10

It was baby O’s first outing to the beach today. There are so many things to enjoy about having a baby in the family and one of the aspects I enjoy the most is experiencing all the “firsts”. First trip to the beach is pretty momentous – particularly in our family. Over the summer we try to get to the beach at least once a week and I just know we’ll go more once the children are more confident independent swimmers.

E. is doing a beach course at the moment. It is fantastic. Teaching the children all kinds of beach safety and surf swim skills. It builds confidence but I think almost more importantly it contributes to our family’s culture. I’d like beach going to be a part of our family culture. Beaches are good. (Although I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression that I am a bronzed beach babe… on the contrary I am so fair I almost glow in the dark so I am very careful about sun safety – I just love swimming in the salty water and hanging at the beach for a bit – not all day – just for a bit)

beach coursewatching on flags 

A lovely morning hanging out at the beach leaves me feeling pretty grateful. How lucky am I to live relatively close to clean beaches (I was going to say safe and clean but with two shark attacks in less than a fortnight that might not be quite so) that are patrolled by top people. I’m thankful too that I have children that enjoy hanging out at the beach as much as I do. No sand phobias to speak of. Baby O showed promising signs today – peacefully hanging out in his little tent even when he wasn’t asleep. In fact it wasn’t until I disturbed him to take him home that he became upset. That’s gotta be a good sign.

I’m also grateful that there is a cafe near the beach too! Nothing better than ending a morning at the beach with a cappuccino. And while I’m thinking of it I am grateful to the guy driving the red car that stopped for me to cross the road while I was holding a baby, a toddler’s hand, two bags and said cappuccino that was starting to toast my fingers. It’s moments like those that make you feel cared for by the greater world.

Still it is being around to witness all kinds of firsts that I am most grateful for. It is an exciting time that will be relished.

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  1. That beach does look very lovely. I'm also very pale skinned so need to avoid too much sun but I think I could manage to hang out at a beach like that for a bit!

  2. I'm exactly the same with the beach - love it, don't live the sun on my lily-white skin! We go early morning or late in the day. It's always glorious. Happy Firsts and many more wonderful new beginnings to come. x

  3. Your beach looks lovely. I do miss the beach now that I live in the highlands as I grew up by the beach in Sydney. I felt your need to cross the road with all your extras, made me smile :-)

  4. love first trips to the beach! and there are rules in our place too...mornings or late arvos, a couple of hours max. i love the little tent thing, looking for something for our kids at the moment.

  5. E´s a nipper? How awsome, sorry I mean ACE of course ;)

  6. Lots of fantastic things there to be grateful for. Sounds like you had a lovely time Sal. I am a beach bum, love it. Thankfully the kids don't mind it either, a couple of sand lovers and one water and wave mad, works ok for us.


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