Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my pincushions

Sewing and blogging started pretty much at the same time for me. I started to sew stuff and so I started to blog about it. One of my earliest posts was indeed about pincushions – the very first one I had made was rather unsatisfactory and the second one using fabric of my Nan’s marked, at that time, a great sewing achievement.

These days, some two years on, I own a few pincushions. They are scattered around the house and are constantly on the move depending on what I am doing and where.

Today that pincushion I had made early on can be found on the ironing board.

Nan pincushion 

I made another pincushion after that as I started to teach myself how to embroider. It was my first ever embroidery project and today it can be found on my bedside table. (Have just been chuckling to myself because back then I thought one pincushion was enough… clearly I hadn’t started my roaming crafty ways yet)

embroidered pin cushion

Kate’s massive pincushion swap resulted in me gaining this gorgeously grey crocheted pincushion made by the delightfully clever Bec. Just now that pincushion sits on the window sill of the grey room, to the left hand side of my sewing machine. It is filled with pretty pink pins.

Bec pincushion

By my sewing machine this beauty can be found. It is only half full. I’m a little uncertain where all the pins are. Me thinks some children may have been ‘visiting’.

wendy pincushion 

Lastly this little mushroom pincushion arrived in the post last Friday. It was sent by Kathryn and was instantly hijacked by the older children. After a bit of a search I found it in front of a doll house.

mushroom pincushion

So there you have it – my pincushions and where they can be found at my place today.

Playing along here.


  1. I love the tour of your pincushions in their native habitats!
    Mine used to be all over the place until the great sewing room tidy up. Now I TRY to keep them on the shelf ha ha!

  2. Ohh love them all but the first one is my fave! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow I definately need more pincushions. I love them fave is the embroidered one. Cute!

  4. Wow - love them all! You may just have inspired me!

  5. As a solo pin cushion household, I can now definitely see the pros to multi cushions :-P. They all look great, and the little toadstool one is just adorable.

  6. Great pin cushions- you can never have too many!

    (What would a collection of pin cushions be called- a prickle, a bed of pins?)

  7. Your pincushions are all so nice but I think the blue embroidered one with lace is my favourite.

  8. love the mushroom. It looks like its ready to squash that vw bus.

  9. Oh I love them all! Such character and differences.

    At least you use yours. I only use two the rest sit there looking pretty - such a waste isnt it...

  10. I obviously don't have enough pin cushions as I spent half the morning on Sunday looking for have just inspired me and I love all of your pin cushions but I think my favourite would have to be the one you embroidered and its little crochet basket, so cute :-)

  11. An awesome pin cushion collection!

    I can't believe that was your FIRST ATTEMPT at embroidery?!!! Wow!!!

    Thanks for playing this week!

  12. Oh your pin cushies are just gorgeous! Shame I didn't know about the pincushion swap, great idea, I'll look out for the next one!

    You seem to be doing very well with your sewing and embroidery. :)


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