Sunday, October 16, 2011

okay for play

The mission to put to use some of the crap “salvaged materials” in the cupboard continues. I fiddled and faddled for much of the night turning this old singlet top (which is in okay condition but I always looked a bit like a hunch back in it) … before white rockmans singlet

Into this little top for Ms. M…

1. after2. after 

I used an old pink t-shirt of mine for the bindings – no photos of that well worn garment that originally started as a vibrant pink but at the end of it’s life looked decidedly ‘dusty’ (aka grey!). Lets just say it was quite an effort to find enough un-stained material in this garment to make sufficient binding for a toddler’s top. The buttons are from the button jar – I think they may very well have been a part of my Nan’s collection.

This garment is full of errors. I didn’t gather the front bit enough and I pretty much botched the insertion of the button band – hence the very low positioning of the bottom button. The end point of the neck binding is no where near the shoulder seam and so at this point of my Saturday night sewing I decided abandon using the new twin needle lest I break it as quickly last time. So instead I hand sewed the inside of the bindings using my interpretation of a ladder stitch.

Not to worry. Even though it is full of errors it is still wearable me thinks. Okay for play. Most importantly it now at least has a new life and will be used more than it was shoved away and forgotten. Oh yeah and I got to chalk up a bit more experience working with stretchy fabrics.

And I am making little steps to clearing out and organising the cupboard.


  1. I'm so enjoying the vicarious journey of watching you get through your fabric stash. And gladdened to see you are finding moments to enjoy the creative burst that seems to go hand in hand with this new baby stage. So hard to prioritise and grab time for it, but I always find myslef feeling very inspired at this time in life. I should perhaps have tried a bit harder last week when life was feeling very cruisey...George turned into a proper baby last night and SCREAMED half the night for the first time...Oh dear. Keep stash-busting!

  2. Hi lovely Sally - hope you're enjoying Blogtoberfest! I am so impressed! I have a huge bag of clothes waiting to be upcycled - you've inspired me!

  3. Hello Sally,

    That cupboard must be getting bare by now.Love the little top,pretty pink buttons.
    Happy days.

  4. Totally gorgeous and you would be the only one who will notice any imperfections. You will smile every time MsM wears it :-)

  5. that's so very clever! i'm really enjoying reading about all your upcycling :D

  6. Funny to hear your list of errors, the top looks great! And it is all about learning and clearing out/recycling things right? Relish in that. I think it is cute!


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